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Landings Harbor Project Focus Group

The Landings Harbor Project focus group sessions began last week. To date, three meetings have been held which included 12-13 participants in each meeting. Staff is cataloging input from each meeting and will use the feedback to help shape the project scope and elements. If you would like to sign up for a focus group, please email

Perimeter Fence Repair

Last Friday, a tree fell on the perimeter fence in Marshview Landing that subsequently damaged several fence panels. Staff replaced five panels and posts this week.   

Building and Grounds Department

Inhouse staff completed the holiday preparations around the community on Friday. The work included pressure washing around the gatehouses and exterior paint touchups. In addition to the work around the gatehouses, staff pressure washed all directional, monument, and street signs located throughout the community. 

The Landings Community Park Restrooms

Late Tuesday, the restrooms located at Landings Community Park became inoperable. After evaluation, staff determined that the issue with the restrooms was related to the grinder pump. The grinder pump is an integral part of the system as it grinds the waste and then pumps it out to the sewer system. A work order was generated with our service provider, Wastewater Contractors, to troubleshoot and restore the plumbing operations. The restrooms now are fully operational.

Winter Flower Changeouts at Gates Amenity areas

BrightView staff began the 2021 Winter Flower Changeouts at the gatehouses and amenity areas this week. Four flower changeouts are completed annually as part of the landscape contract. The flower designs are approved by TLA Public Works in association with the Center Island Committee.

Pine Straw Application at Gates and Amenity areas

This week BrightView staff began the pine straw application at the gatehouses and amenity areas. As a reminder, the gates and amenity areas are pine strawed twice a year as part of the landscape contract.

Beneficial Reuse Pine Straw Program

As part of our landscape contract, the only common areas that receive pine straw are around the gatehouses and amenity areas (twice per year) and the Center Islands (once per year). Please note that the road shoulder areas are not included within this program.  Over the last several weeks, inhouse staff have applied street sweeping material to areas where additional ground covering is needed or has been requested. The Beneficial Reuse Pine Straw Program does not cost TLA any additional operational funds other than labor. This reuse of sweeper material helps prevent weed growth, retain soil moisture and adds nutrients back into the soil as it decomposes.

Center Island Plantings

Each year, staff, in conjunction with the Center Island Committee and BrightView, complete an inspection of the 150 center islands within the community. After inspection, the locations for improvement, with type of plant material, are generated for implementation. This week, BrightView began installing plants on the center islands as recommended by the Center Island Committee. Please note that any locations that were not addressed within this year’s budget will be addressed next year. 

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