General Manager's Update

By Shari Haldeman -
General Manager/COO

Dear Landings Association Members,

There has been a fair amount of misinformation circulating recently regarding plans for the Tidewater Square roadway design and replacement. The Landings Association first addressed this issue in September and again in November. I want to clarify a few points.

With any large project that runs into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, staff review all options. It would be imprudent not to consider various scenarios when it comes to how we spend our Association Members’ money. As part of the due diligence, the Public Works Committee, composed of volunteer neighbors with expertise in this field, have been reviewing various concept designs developed by our engineering firm to understand the realm of possibilities. None of the concept options are ready for community consideration at this point. In fact, the staff recommendation to the Board is to not proceed with any option at this point. Rather, we first must address the underlying issue causing the roadway failure…inadequate drainage. Therefore, in 2022, the Association has budgeted funds to address this longstanding deficiency. This will allow whatever design solution is ultimately chosen to have a much better success at a long lifespan.

The process of addressing Tidewater Square requires numerous surveying, engineering, and contractor discussions in addition to community engagement. As with any project, staff, committee members, and the Board of Directors do not look solely at the one-time expense, but at the annual cost for maintenance and ultimate replacement. Those studies are ongoing at this time, and it simply is not accurate to say any determination has been made. Those who have been involved in this work have said all along the plan is to bring discussion to those affected by any decision, including the residents of Tidewater Square.

Turning attention to the annual Budget, I’ve been writing about the ongoing work over the last few months. Following Budget Liaison reviews earlier this year to analyze proposed operational budgets, the Reserves Subcommittee has been meeting to ensure the Association will reach the 30% funded commitment level for Reserves by the end of 2023, as outlined in last year’s successful Three Year Assessment Plan community vote. I am pleased to say we remain on track, with more funding allocated to the Capital Reserves Fund than originally planned. Inflationary pressures are strong (read more in this month’s Budget Box), and we’ve had to adjust the timing on some projects, including the conversion of asphalt paths to concrete. With a 20% increase in the price of concrete in just the past few months, we are deferring the work of those paths outside the gates to 2024, as we are hopeful this spike in prices will moderate in the interim. As always, when finalized and approved by the Finance Committee and Board in December, the Budget will be posted online.

The Association provides numerous online resources for owners to get accurate information, including this comprehensive annual Budget that contains a wealth of details on operations and services and the associated costs. It is prepared for your benefit. I’d like to take this opportunity to encourage all owners, especially those more than 

400 new owners this past year, to take interest in your community association, learn about who we are, what we do, and how your Annual Dues are spent. The budget document is a great place to start!

With this final column from me as your General Manager, my deep gratitude goes to the 62 Board Directors and hundreds of volunteers and Committee members with whom I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working over these past 17 plus years. Thank you for your guidance, support, and commitment to the community and TLA. Rarely does one have the great fortune to work with so many talented and capable people. It has been my great privilege to have served our community alongside all of you.

I also extend a heartfelt thank you to the entire Landings community for your help and support during my tenure. I cannot begin to recount the numerous supportive emails and phone calls, constructive feedback on various topics, and offers of assistance through volunteering to serve alongside our TLA team. I have said many times before, and will say again, I am truly inspired by the amount of volunteerism in The Landings. Residents here choose to impact positively and shape the character of the community, and it shows! As The Landings approaches its 50th Anniversary next year, I urge all of you to come together and celebrate this and the many other unique qualities that make our community such a wonderful place to live, work, and play.

It is with mixed emotions and many great memories that I leave our community that is served by a staff that is second to none in our profession of community association management. I take great comfort in the knowledge that you are in good hands.

Most sincerely and my best wishes to all,

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