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Courtesy of Landings Public Works

North Gate Road Maintenance

On Tuesday, Absolute Concrete and TLA staff completed the installation of the curb and gutter system at the North Gate. This new system will allow for improved drainage at the North gatehouse and surrounding area, along with preventing further damage to the turf and irrigation system alongside the roadway.

Community Path Operational Repairs

This week, Absolute Concrete began community path panel repairs along the path on Landings Way South to Tidewater Way. The repairs on this section of path will take 2-3 weeks to complete.

Building and Grounds Department

In-house staff completed the pressure washing around each of the gatehouses this week. Crews are currently working around the gatehouses touching up the exterior paint. In addition to the work around the gatehouses, staff will pressure wash all directional, monument and street signs throughout the community. This work is anticipated to be completed by November 22. Please be cognizant of staff working near the roadway.

Oakridge Access Control Facility

On Monday afternoon, staff received a report through SeeClickFix that the Oakridge Gate RFID Lane was intermittently working. Staff tried to recreate the issue on Tuesday, but the RFID system was working as designed. On Wednesday morning, the RFID lane became completely inoperable. Our inhouse gate technicians reset the equipment (each individual component of the system). Through this process, staff determined that the relay switch inside the sliding gate motor required replacement. The relay switch was subsequently replaced, and the system is now fully operable.

Drop Boxes Temporarily Removed in front of The Landings Association Administration Building

On Tuesday, the drop boxes for the Association and the Club, located on the turnaround circle in front of The Landings Association's Administration Building (600 Landings Way South), were damaged by an unknown vehicle. They have been temporarily removed for maintenance and repairs. Barring any unforeseen complications, the boxes should be replaced by Monday, November 15. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience as we work to complete these repairs.

Fish Kills in Lagoons

Earlier this week, staff was notified of two fish kills in Lagoon 118 located off Peregrine Crossing. Staff removed the fish from the lagoon and continue to monitor the lagoon to ensure water quality parameters stabilize. Staff is also closely monitoring several other lagoons that have exhibited signs of a possible turnover. 

Fish kills typically occur during high tide events in our brackish lagoons closest to the marsh (we experienced King Tides last week and over the weekend – close to 11 feet). Cooler water from the marsh flows over the warmer waters of the lagoon; the warmer water then wants to be higher up in the water column and the lagoon “flips.” This flip deoxygenates the water and in turn causes weaker fish to die from lack of oxygen. When the dead fish are removed from the lagoon the water chemistry returns to normal levels. 

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