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Landings Harbor

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Landings Harbor Dry Rack Replacement Project

Terracon Consultant Services is currently under contract to locate the existing utilities, perform subsurface exploration, geotechnical consulting, and reporting. Terracon will take six boring samples from around the existing racks to confirm the engineering requirements for the new rack foundations and footers. They have scheduled this work for mid-December 2021.

Proposals from Roof and Rack, Golden Giant Building Systems, Mack David Buildings and Marine Storage Systems are being considered for this project. Height restrictions, vessel size and space along with material costs are being evaluated as we prepare for this project.

Bubbler Curtain System at Landings Harbor

Proposals were received from three contractors to provide a system for this project. Estate Management is being recommended for the system that will prevent most of the silt and sediment as well as marsh rack and sea grasses from entering the basin during an ebbing tide. The intent of this system is to reduce the dredging costs to control the water depth inside the basin. Due to the Marina being within a tidal zone, an Army Corp of Engineer and Georgia Department of Natural Resources Permit is required. Staff is currently completing the permit application.

2022 Dredging Project at Landings Harbor Marina

Proposals for the 2022 dredging project received from Estate Management Services, Inc and Dolan Yacht Services are currently being evaluated. Estate Management has completed the dredging over the past two years while Dolan Yacht Services is new to this scope of work. Plans will be moving forward shortly after the first of the year as our current USACE Nationwide Dredge Permit is set to expire in March 2022. A new permit or an extension of the current permit will be applied for upon expiration.

Sea Wall Repair

Marina Staff was assisted by Dolan Yacht Services to repair a section of the sea wall. A new wailer was installed on the outside of the South wall that had two attachment failures. Having Dolan Yacht Services’ barge was extremely useful while working on the outside of the basin wall.


Remote Technology was on-site to replace a security camera that was scheduled for replacement this year. A new location was chosen to mount the camera that provides a much better angle and view of the fuel dock operation. While on the property, there were some minor adjustments made to the camera system that enhanced the overall security system.

Water Temperature Sensor

Landings resident John Pufahl procured a water temperature sensor to add to the live weather link recently installed at the Marinas. Landings Harbor was the chosen location for the temperature sensor due to the accessibility and mounting options. Residents will be able to check the current water temperature in the Wilmington River prior to planning their kayaking, boating, or fishing trips. Some technical configurations are being made to display this new feature on the Landings.org website. We will continue to update everyone while the final steps are being completed.

Landings Sailing Club

The Landings Sailing Club went back and forth about going out sailing last Friday due to the weather, but the winds calmed down and they were able to set sail as planned. The social portion of the event always draws a crowd after the Beer Can Race of course! Small groups went out recreational sailing over the weekend as well.

Dry Storage

Landings Harbor wet, dry, and jet ski storage slots are at 100% capacity. We continue to add to and maintain a waiting list for all slips.

Landings Dry Storage Activity











Operating Hours 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Daily (please note updated hours)


Delegal Creek Marina

Inshore fishers are enjoying the cooler temperatures. Spotted Sea Trout and Red Drum (Redfish) seem to be the common catch right now. One resident stated that water temp dropping into the low 70’s caused more fishing activity and helped create the bite for these local favorites.

Transient boaters have been steadily making their way South, many waiting for November 1 to cross the border into Florida. Diesel fuel sales have increased along with transient traffic.

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