First Responders Update

By Kelly Gordon -
President, First Responders

Wow! The positive responses we’ve had from countless residents after my last article is astounding! Thank you for all the support and encouragement for our team. We appreciate it very much.

I was recently asked about the yellow medical cards I often write about in these articles. As another reminder, you can pick them up at The Landings Association (600 Landings Way South). Once you’ve got them, date them and fill them out completely and as accurately as you can. Make sure EVERY member of your family has one. Place them in a clear sandwich bag, and put them on the right inside door of your refrigerator. If you want to place them on the front with a magnet, that is also fine.

Many times when we arrive on a call the person can’t communicate with us. We will look around for pill bottles so that we have some idea of your medical history. We look for identification, the yellow cards, and any other clues that might help us assess and treat you appropriately. If you live alone, please be prepared. We want to respect your wishes and ensure you go to the hospital of choice and call your emergency contact listed.

I always suggest making copies of the cards and placing one in your car, purse, and golf cart. You never know where or when your medical emergency might occur. If you or the person with you can answer all our questions, we don’t need the card. As always, plan ahead, because sometimes when under duress or when you’re unwell, you might not be able to answer questions about your medical history appropriately.

There is a fine line between emergency medical services and when home healthcare is needed instead. Please try to avoid calling us if it’s not an emergency. Clearly, each case is different, and we don’t want anyone falling because you’re trying to manage a spouse or loved one when it’s too challenging. In those situations, I highly suggest getting some help in the house to alleviate any stress and potentially prevent someone from falling.

We frequently get calls from residents who have waited too long to call us for help. Many say they don’t want to bother us, or they think they’ll get better. Please don’t hesitate to call us if you’re unwell and suspect you need to go to the hospital. Waiting when you have chest pain, a sudden onset of numbness in your limbs, blurry vision, or even unmanageable stomach pain, can be signs of something significant.

There are always such extremes with our calls. One person will call to have us move them from a bed to a chair, and others who really need us will procrastinate. We are here to help, so I implore you to not wait if something suddenly changes. Listen to your body. Your instincts and intuition are usually spot on.

Over the past two weeks, I’ve had conversations with friends and acquaintances who have no idea what number to call for fire or medical emergencies. Please remember that our community calls 912-355-6688 and not 911. Call 911 for police matters only. Put our number in your phone under “First Responders” or “Emergency”.

Please remember when calling 912-355-6688 to be specific with your location. If you give them a Landings Club address, make sure you state exactly where the emergency is. Telling them you’re at a club, but not providing a specific location, is confusing and delays our response. If you’re on a tennis or pickleball court, give dispatch the court number. If you’re on the golf course, give them the name of the course you are on and what tee or hole. Our goal is to get to the patient, and knowing specifics will expedite our arrival exponentially.

You can sync your contacts with an Amazon Alexa, and if you can’t get to your phone, you can command Alexa to call First Responders. You’ll be able to speak to them directly through your Alexa. In a panic or when you aren’t feeling well isn’t the time to try to remember a number you don’t frequently call.

As another reminder, if you approach us during or after a call asking about your neighbor, we can’t tell you anything because of HIPAA. We aren’t trying to be unkind or short. Please respect us enough to not ask. We encourage you to ask your neighbor directly if you have questions. We know how much you all care about your neighbors.

Be mindful when you see a car with flashing white lights coming up behind you while driving. We are most probably headed to an emergency, and if you can safely pull over, we would greatly appreciate it. Time is of the essence with many of our calls, and we just want to get to the patient as quickly and safely as we can. Thank you to those of you who ALWAYS yield to us whenever you see us in your rear-view mirror.

Thank you for all the donations we’ve received recently. As a nonprofit volunteer organization, I can assure you the monies are allocated appropriately and wisely. We can’t thank you enough for thinking of us and supporting our team.

In closing, please stay safe. As the holidays approach, we hope all of you enjoy your family and remember to drink responsibly. Driving a golf cart drunk is no different than being in a car. Call someone so that you don’t injure yourself or worse, someone else.

Have a great and Happy Thanksgiving!

This article was originally published by The Landings Association on their website.

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