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Courtesy of Landings Public Works

Annual Fire Extinguisher and Alarm Testing/ Inspection

Staff, in conjunction with our service provider, Pye Barker, completed the annual testing and inspection of the fire extinguishers located in each of our facilities, vehicles, equipment, and marinas this week. Next week, Pye Barker will return to complete the annual fire alarm testing and inspection at TLA Building, Public Works Building, Delegal Marina Sunset Room and BrightView’s facility. This annual inspection is funded through our operational account.

Annual Mailbox and Sign Painting Program

Inhouse staff continues to work on the annual mailbox and sign painting program on the following roads: Long Island Road and its side streets. Please be cognizant of staff working along the roadside.

Road Tree Pruning Program

This week, staff continued working through the 2021 Fall Road Tree Pruning Program. This program is completed operationally and encompasses uplifting the canopies over the roadways to provide proper heights for emergency vehicles and other large vehicles within the community. Staff is currently working south from Landings Harbor and is addressing cutbacks around Priest Landing Drive.  

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