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CCA Skidaway Kid’s Fishing Derby 2021

On Saturday, the CCA Skidaway Chapter held their 25th CCA Kids Fishing Derby at the Kid’s Fishing Lagoon (Lagoon 56). This event is usually held the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend but was moved due to the restrictions and precautions surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic. The event is widely attended by children in The Landings and is the spot of many kids’ first fish. Staff worked to ensure the facilities and lagoon were in the best condition possible prior to this event.








CCA Kid’s Fishing Lagoon Interpretive Sign

On Friday of last week, inhouse staff installed an interpretative sign detailing ‘Sport Fishing on Skidaway Island’ that was generously donated by the Skidaway Chapter of CCA at the Kid’s Fishing Lagoon (Lagoon 56). The sign details the past, present, and future of sport fishing in The Landings and is located by the pavilion at the Kid’s Fishing Lagoon.
















Delegal Fixed Pier Maintenance

This week, inhouse staff replaced 100 boards on the Delegal fixed pier. Over the past four weeks staff has replaced a total of 250 deck boards that were damaged, deteriorated or were identified as a safety concern.

Annual Mailbox and Sign Painting Program

Inhouse staff continues to work on the annual mailbox and sign painting program along the following roads: Brickthorn Court, Calico Crab Retreat, Moonglade Lane and Sparnel Road. They will continue to progress through the project scope until completion. Please be cognizant of staff working along the roadside.

Operational Road Repairs

Bennett Paving completed repairs (root intrusion, asphalt separation, ride altering bumps) on the following roads this week: Shagbark Lane, Bluff Oak Retreat, and the exit lane behind the Main Gate.

Operational Community Path Repairs 

Applied Concrete completed repairs along the community path in front of 21 Delegal Road this week.

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