CDD Weekly Update

Courtesy of TLA's Community Development Department

The CDD team has been busy this week. Following is a closer look at what they've been working on.






Private Property Maintenance Standards

Staff completed routine property inspections in Phase IV this week. Follow-up and requested inspections were also conducted throughout the island. This week 14 properties presented with a violation of the Private Property Maintenance Standards and 4 properties were contacted as a courtesy for education regarding covenants regulations.
















Construction of new homes is on the rise. Over the last year and a half, the Community Development Department has seen unprecedented growth in permitting activity throughout The Landings. This increase is resulting in significant investments into existing properties as well as that of new homes. While only six homes have been completed so far this year, it is expected that a total of 13 will be completed by year end and that the other 24 of the lots currently under construction will be complete by this time next year. For comparison, the number of new homes completed over the last few years is shown in the following chart.

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