Cast Away Club Event Set for October 30

Courtesy of CCA Skidaway

Join us on Saturday, October 30 for the final Cast Away Club event of this year...As a Matter of Bat.

The event will be held at the CCA Outdoor Education Center located at the Kids’ Fishing Lagoon (adjacent to Log Landing Road and the Oakridge Fire Station) beginning at 9 a.m. Please arrive by 8:45 a.m. to register. Everyone can play scratch off for a chance to win a spooky Bat Kite. As a Matter of Bat, there will be a surprise ending to honor the day.

Did you know that the week of October 24-30 is International Bat Week? Yes, an entire week just in time for Halloween devoted to bats that come out at night and are sometimes called creepy, scary, and spooky. Noreen Powell head of the Audubon Bat Project will dispel all those myths. Bats are an important species impacting our daily lives in ways you may not realize. She will explain to us the role bats hold in nature and what these amazing creatures do for us.

After the short presentation, everyone is invited to fish in the Kids’ Fishing Lagoon. Poles and bait will be provided by CCA Skidaway.

To start the day, we will raffle off a Cast Away Club logoed hat. Hats also are available to purchase for $10. Moms and Dads, please don’t forget to bring cash.

Register by visiting our website at ( For more information, email Susie Fusco (

We hope to see you there!

Note: Last month’s Turtlely Awesome day was given by volunteers from the Audubon Diamondback Terrapin Rescue. All the kids were given their own turtle to hold and walk around on the picnic tables before they were gathered up to be released. Everyone received a Turtlely Awesome yellow, logoed cinch bag to carry all their stuff. A great event that brought smiles to everyone’s faces.   

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