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Strategic Water Committee Facility Site Visit at Hunter Army Airfield (HAAF)

On Tuesday, Sean Burgess, Amber Capps, Dylan Till, and a combination of Strategic Water Committee members (Eric Larson, Rick Cunningham, Jim Van Epps, and Lee Maine (with Utilities, Inc.) and a Board Candidate (Cary Shapoff) met with DOD staff to tour Hunter Army Airfield’s water facility. The goal of this continued initiative is to benchmark with other local utility providers to review water withdrawal limits, permit requirements and evaluate any new technologies. HAAF was selected as they have permitted wells operating in the Upper and Lower Floridian Aquifer as their sole source of potable water with no alternate water source.

Landings Harbor Cart Parking

In the last year, the Landings Harbor Park area has required new sod in several areas due to damage caused by golf carts. Not only is turf replacement costly, but these funds could be utilized elsewhere to improve the aesthetics of this much loved and used amenity. As a reminder, please refrain from driving golf carts into the park. Please park your golf carts in the newly installed golf cart parking area adjacent to the Tiki Hut.  










Operational Road and Community Path Repairs
Due to the rain we experienced this week, all operational road and community path repair work was placed on hold and will resume next week.

Delegal Fixed Pier Maintenance

Over the past two weeks, staff has replaced 100 boards on the Delegal Fixed Pier. While inhouse staff were working at the fixed pier, they also repositioned the electrical line to the fuel system to prevent further corrosion from saltwater intrusion.

Gate Training for TLA Staff

To reduce the number of technical issues with our gate access systems, Chuck Bolen, our Gate Technician, provides a quarterly training for the security department which includes opening/closing procedures and basics for troubleshooting at the North ACF, Deer Creek Village ACF, and the Oakridge ACF. These training sessions have significantly reduced the amount of overtime generated from having to call in Public Works staff after hours.

Annual Mailbox and Sign Painting Program

In between the rain this week, inhouse staff continued to work on the mailbox and sign painting program on the following roads: Cabbage Crossing, Arrow Wood Lane, Button Bush Lane, Gum Tree Lane, Willow Oak Circle, and Salt Wind Circle, Back River Circle, and Skimmer Circle. Inhouse staff will move to Log Landing Road next week.

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