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Tidewater Square Pothole Repair

On Wednesday, Absolute Concrete completed the repair of the pothole that formed in the exit lane of Tidewater Square. This pothole and degradation of the subbase formed after the nine inches of heavy rainfall we received last week which required immediate repair. 

Operation Road Repairs

Bennett Paving made road repairs and patches this week (root intrusions, ride altering bumps, etc.) on Southerland Road and Hazel Glenn Lane. They also repaired concrete swales on Priory Road and Kelsall Lane.

2021 Community Path Project

A sunny week allowed Absolute Concrete to complete the conversion of path (from asphalt to concrete) from the Deer Creek Village Gate to Sundew Road which concludes this year’s capital project. 

Coventry Close Emergency Storm Drain Replacement

On Wednesday, Ace Construction began an emergency storm drainpipe replacement on Coventry Close. The 36” corrugated metal pipe failed because of its age and deterioration due to saltwater intrusion and its proximity to the marsh.  This pipe is a critical outfall for the community as it collects water from all residential properties on Coventry Close which is key to the area and the Landings’ storm drain system, thus requiring immediate replacement.












Delegal Fixed Pier Maintenance

This week, in-house staff worked on the Delegal Marina Fixed Pier and completed the following maintenance items: board replacements, sanded trip hazards, screwed down loose boards, and repaired several railings. In addition to these repairs, staff installed additional furniture for the Captains' Lounge which will accommodate those with limited mobility.

TLA Conference Room Replacement Tables

On Wednesday, staff received and installed new tables for the TLA Conference Room. The existing tables in the conference room required replacement due to their high usage and deterioration. This purchase was approved in July and was funded through the Capital Reserves in the amount of $8,723. 

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