Private Property Maintenance Standards Updated

By Karen Szychowski
Property and Housing Inspector

You may have heard the term Private Property Maintenance Standards or PPMS, as it is sometimes called. This document, with support and input from the community, was adopted by the Association's Board of Directors in 2015. The purpose of this publication is to highlight the continued upkeep and maintenance of private property within The Landings, in the interest of protecting and promoting the property values of our residents' investments.

This document is used by residents and staff alike, to evaluate and identify common aspects of a home and property that require routine maintenance and attention. As the PPMS is an essential resource for the community, it is regularly reviewed and revised.  

Recently, revisions to increase clarity and make the document more user friendly were presented to the community for review. These revisions have now been accepted by the Board.  Please click here to check out the revised document and stay informed about our community standards.

Following are some of the recent updates tot he document.

  • More detailed descriptions of the expectations within the provisions
  • Clarification regarding the areas residents are responsible for maintaining
  • An increase in attention to roof maintenance
  • The addition of provisions relating to unimproved lots
  • Many updated reference images

The Community Development Department has a variety of resources to help residents maintain their property in alignment with the PPMS. Please email us ( for helpful tips, checklists, informational flyers, or lists of contractors that regularly perform maintenance work within the community .

Thank you for keeping The Landings one of the most beautiful communities in the south!

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