Comcast/Xfinity Enhancements Planned for The Landings

By Lynn Lewis -
Communications Manager

Comcast/Xfinity representatives attended The Landings Association’s September 28 Board Meeting to share service enhancements planned for The Landings within the next 60 days.

These enhancements are targeted toward increased service reliability and the burial of the orange, drop cables located throughout the community.

On the heels of the recent outages of the past few months, two of which were caused by fiber cuts, Comcast will install a secondary path from its Main Facility to the Diamond Causeway, giving the option to quickly switch to a different path in the case of an outage on Skidaway Island. This network enhancement is intended to limited outage times due to the ability to switch from nodes that are not currently working to those that are active. This enhancement will benefit all of Skidaway Island.

Gary Komosa, Comcast’s Senior Construction Manager, said his engineers should be able to get the secondary path online withing the next 45-to-60 days.

“The secondary path would offer more reliability and increase our ability to keep services running,” he said. “Currently, Skidaway Island is being serviced from the Bartlett Hub to the main path located on Diamond Causeway. The secondary path would loop around the back way and tie into the same fiber. Basically, where it previously would have taken us six-to-eight hours to restore services, would take us a matter of minutes.”

The digital rendering below, shows the location of the secondary path.



















From a recent audit of the community, Comcast identified 19 locations of unburied cables. Crews worked to immediately bury six of these cables and are awaiting the required utility locates to bury the others.  

To aid with the burial of cables in a timely manner and to prioritize service quality issues in the community, Comcast plans to dedicate two technicians to work exclusively in The Landings. The technicians will be available seven-days-a-week to address service issues.

“We hope this will reinforce our commitment to The Landings,” said Xfinity Communities Manager Kara McClean. “If residents need service assistance, the best way to reach us is via our service-inquiry form on The Landings Association’s website ( We see these emails within 60 seconds, and a technician can jump right on the issue.”

Timothy Rabdau, Senior Director of Xfinity Communities, told the Board that he looks forward to continued improvements within The Landings.

“We absolutely do not want to make this a one and done type conversation. Please invite us again; we are happy to be on any call. We really want to make sure this is a great experience for the community, and I think you will be pleased with the enhancements outlined here today.”

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