Kiwanis: More Flags Help More At-Risk Kids!

By Jim Smart
Kiwanis Club of Skidaway Secretary

Kiwanis Club of Skidaway President Jim Overton heaped tremendous praise upon Chris Aiken Sickels and her husband, Bill Sickels for their tireless dedication to growing the Show Our Colors Program. This program actively involves many of the Kiwanis Club members who manufacture the flag displays and get them onto lawns and into hallways.

“The number of supporters of the program has almost doubled in the past year to about 1,100 active subscribers,” Overton stated.

This means that the Kiwanis Club of Skidaway will be able to increase the money that it awards to nonprofit organizations that directly help at-risk children in Savannah/Chatham County. This year, Kiwanis will award 11 grants, totaling $72,500 to Frank Callen Boys and Girls Club, The L.O.V.E. Program (Local Outreach Volunteer Educators), Xcel Strategies (teaches job skills), America’s Second Harvest, Horizons Savannah (The Country Day School), Union Mission, Park Place Outreach, Performance Initiatives, The Mediation Center for the Coastal Empire, Greenbriar Children’s Center, and Coastal Children’s Advocacy Center.

The Show Our Colors Program is so successful that it has grown beyond the Landings community to include other communities on Skidaway Island. The Marshes and Thrive have welcomed the flags, as have Modena and South Harbor. The new bases can be placed indoors as well as on lawns. Anyone reading this is more than welcomed to contact Kiwanis as described below.

How the program Works

Register with us and make an annual donation of only $50 per year. We take care of the rest.  A team of Kiwanis volunteers will place the appropriate base with the large, high-quality flags either on your lawn or in your hallway, and we then remove them after they are out for the appropriate number of days surrounding the holiday, in this case, Veterans Day! You derive the pleasure of the beautiful flags and all the wonderful compliments, while knowing that your support directly helps children in need. Plus, we do it all over again on July 4th/Independence Day, Presidents Day, and Memorial Day. Four patriotic holidays every year! You can even be out of town, and we will do all the work.

If you have questions, you can call the Kiwanis Flag Hotline phone number or email us (912-388-6070 or You also can sign up and pay directly at


Pictured at left with flags from Kiwanis’ Show Our Colors Program are Bill and Chris Aiken Sickels. You can sign up for the program online at

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