Backyard Buzz – Tidewater Square Options

Backyard Buzz – Tidewater Square Options

Over the last several years, Tidewater Square in the Mid-Point section of The Landings has begun to deteriorate, which has caused uneven surfaces along with drivability and safety concerns. Since November of 2020, staff, in conjunction with various consultants and engineers, have completed brick and road repairs along with survey and geotechnical work in the square to better understand how to address these issues, while preserving the character of this part of the community.

Repairs made to the square have been a challenge, as the bricks that currently exist throughout the square are no longer made, nor can staff obtain any like-for-like replacements. In the meantime, staff have been swapping bricks out in certain areas in order to address drivability concerns and safety issues.

The Moffat and Nichol Engineering firm was hired to prepare conceptual designs for improvements to the square which include the following:

1. Alternative 1 – Increased Road Radii, with Pavers

2. Alternative 2 – Increased Road Radii, with Asphalt Pavement

3. Alternative 3 – New Roadway Through Tidewater Square, with Pavers

4. Alternative 4 – New Roadway Through Tidewater Square, with Asphalt Pavement

5. Alternative 5 – New Asphalt Roadway Through Tidewater Square while Preserving the Brick Sections of the Square

These conceptual designs will be presented during the livestreamed Board Meeting later this month.

All options are conceptual and include drainage improvements and improved community path connectivity, while addressing some of the safety concerns associated with the current design. Another objective of the designs is to help improve drivability through the square while providing a critical secondary access roadway for all residents living in Phase II of the community. Currently, large trucks are not permitted to travel through the square; however, they often do so. The square was not designed, nor can it withstand, the heavy truckloads, and the continuation of this traffic further deteriorate the driving surface. The engineering and design work would allow for access to all vehicles, as any improvements to the square will need to sustain heavy traffic.

Conceptual designs are just that - conceptual. Staff are working with our engineers and resident committees to determine the best solution moving forward…one that is financially responsible, addresses safety and drainage concerns, and preserves the aesthetic character of our square. Once all designs have been vetted by TLA’s committees and the Board of Directors, it will be brought before the community for feedback and input before final Board decision.

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