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Emergency Storm Drain Repair on Southerland Road

Staff made an emergency storm drain repair on Southerland Road this week.  The storm drain failure caused the road to cave in which required an immediate repair to the storm drainpipe and roadway. Inhouse staff were able to excavate the pipe and determine that the joint had separated thus causing the sinkhole and road failure. Staff applied a hydraulic concrete to the failed joint and filled the hole with aggregate to allow for the roadway to be reopened. Southeast Pipe Survey was contacted and will be providing a proposal to slip line the entire section of stormwater pipe located underneath the roadway.












2021 Operational Road Repairs

Bennett Paving is scheduled to begin the 2021 operational road repairs mid-September. These repairs include removal of root intrusions, repairs to ride altering bumps and minor separations of asphalt. 

Annual Road Tree Pruning Program

Staff started the 2021 Fall Road Tree Pruning Program this week. This program is completed annually and encompasses the uplifting of the tree canopies over the roadways to provide proper heights for emergency vehicles and other large vehicles that travel within the community.  This program is completed by in-house staff and is funded operationally.

Aerial Rescue Training Program

This week, staff across the Public Works Department received Aerial Rescue Training from SavATree. The program covered proper procedures when dealing with an emergency involving someone who is incapacitated while aloft in a bucket truck.  Each year, the department seeks educational courses and training sessions that help educate and ensure the safety of our employees while operating heavy machinery and equipment. 













Annual Building Maintenance

Over the past two weeks, inhouse staff have been performing various maintenance items in and around TLA-owned amenities.  These maintenance items include cleaning all gutters and pressure washing the exterior of the buildings and surrounding sidewalk around each building. The following buildings have been completed: TLA Administration Building, the playground and surrounding area, Landings Harbor Fixed Pier, Delegal Marina Sunset Pavilion, Main Access Control Facility, Deer Creek Village Access Control Facility, and the Oakridge Access Control Facility. In-house staff will continue this work until all amenity areas have been completed.

In conjunction with the outside maintenance and cleaning of the buildings, in-house staff are also working to complete the interior paint touch-ups in the Public Works Building and the North Access Control Facility. The interior maintenance includes the completion of minor drywall repairs and paint touch-ups to the interior of each building. Once these facilities have been completed, inhouse will move over to TLA Administration Building thereafter.

RV Yard Fence Repair

This week, staff made two repairs to the fencing at the RV Yard located off McWhorter Drive. Staff will make similar fence repairs to the RV Yard fencing located next to the Public Works Building once some of the residents have moved their vehicles from the area where repairs are required.

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