Security Update 

By Tim Cook - 
Security Director

At the end of July, Security personnel, members of the Security Committee, and Coastal Bicycle Touring Club (CBTC) conducted our second Courtesy Safety Inspection (CSI) event near the Marshwood campus. Twenty-two golf carts were inspected, and only minor equipment issues were noted.

As a reminder, we have several streets dedicated as “Golf Cart-Free Zones.” I received a few requests to bring attention to a couple of streets where this rule is violated often. One such area is the bridge on Westcross Road over Green Island Road and Lake Street. The bridge over Westcross Road has a very distinct, dedicated lane marked by a cement divider. You cannot miss it, so please cross the bridge in this dedicated lane. We strongly encourage golf cart drivers to use the community paths whenever available. Please refer to page 29 of the 2021 Landings Residential Directory for a complete list of Cart-Free zones.

 As mentioned in previous articles, your Board of Directors unanimously approved revisions to the Rules and Regulations. As property owners, it is your responsibility to know, and most importantly, to comply with these Rules and Regulations. As I am sure you have probably heard at some point, not knowing is not an excuse. Donald Miller once said, “In the age of information, ignorance is a choice.” The updated Rules and Regulations can be found online ( > Governing Documents).

We hope that all residents take the time to educate themselves on and support our established Rules and Regulations. However, if compliance cannot be obtained even after a warning, fines may be warranted. You can find the current fine schedule at > Governing Documents or on page 46 of the Landings Residential Directory. In 2016, an Appeals Committee was formed to allow residents to appeal violations of the Covenants, Rules and Regulations, and Private Property Maintenance Standards. The Appeals process can be found on page 51 of the Landings Residential Directory for PPMS violations or online ( > Architectural Documents). Appeals are time-sensitive and must be filed within 10 days of the notice of violation.

 As we continue to struggle with COVID-19, please stay informed to the best of your ability, use common sense, and practice mitigating methods to decrease your chance of catching this deadly virus. The Landings Association has reestablished the mask mandate for our employees, and we would appreciate you “masking up” while indoors or anytime a six-foot distance cannot be maintained. I was discussing this virus with a friend recently, and one aspect that we talked about was the science behind the effectiveness of masks. At the end of the day, it came down to this (at least for me): Does wearing a mask hurt me? Sure, it’s inconvenient. But does it increase my risk of catching COVID-19? In my opinion, I don’t believe so. Therefore, even having been vaccinated, I continue to practice wearing a mask. I also practice social distancing, checking my temperature daily, frequent hand washing, and keeping my immune system at its best. I know all the misinformation and information can be difficult, if not impossible, to decipher, but do your research, check with your trusted physician(s), and, as mentioned, use a good dose of common sense.

Stay safe, stay far, and stay well,






































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