Tallamy Headlines Audubon Speaker Series

Courtesy of Skidaway Audubon

Nationally acclaimed author Doug Tallamy (pictured at right) will outline simple steps to protect birds, bees, trees, and the human race as he kicks off Skidaway Audubon’s 2021-22 speaker series on October 10 at 4 p.m. in the Palmetto Ballroom. Doors open at 3:30 p.m. A question and answer session will follow the presentation. The event is free for members of Friends of Skidaway Audubon, Coastal Georgia Living, and The Landings Garden Club.  The admission fee is $10 for non-members, payable by cash or check, at the door.

Tallamy is the author of several books on ecology and the interrelationship of insects, birds, and food crops, and how healthy and diverse plant and wildlife populations are essential to human survival.  His presentation will focus on what residents can do locally to address these global issues. He also will cover the special role of oak trees in the health of the environment.

In his  New York Times bestseller, Nature’s Best Hope: A New Approach to Conservation That Starts in Your Yard, Tallamy outlines a grassroots approach to aid dwindling species with practical and easy measures homeowners can take to make their backyards more nature-friendly, enhancing the environment and sustaining pollinators essential to food supplies. He details specific suggestions that can be incorporated into any backyard, providing a blueprint for preserving wildlife and protecting the planet for future generations.

In his latest book, The Nature of Oaks: The Rich Ecology of Our Most Essential Native Trees, Tallamy explains why they are called “mighty oaks", detailing the fascinating web of wildlife that depends upon oaks from season to season. He also shares practical advice about how to plant and care for oak trees, and lists which oak species are best in differing regions. His first book, Bringing Nature Home, another New York Times bestseller, explored the critical role native plants play in the sustainability of all forms of wildlife. He also co-authored The Living Landscape: Designing for Beauty and Biodiversity in the Home Garden.

As chair of the Department of Entomology and Wildlife Ecology at the University of Delaware, Professor Tallamy is the author of numerous academic papers and is considered a leading expert in his field. His works have been recognized by many organizations, including the Garden Club of America and the American Horticultural Society.

“With the extreme heat in the western states and severe storms in the East, the health of our environment is on everyone’s mind,” said Skidaway Audubon President Dawn Cordo. “But with his message of hope, of how each of us can be part of the solution, Doug is a speaker who is in demand nationwide. We’re so

fortunate to have him here, and we greatly appreciate our supporters, Bartlett Tree Experts, The Landings Garden Club, and Coastal Georgia Living, who helped make this special presentation possible.”

A very limited number of copies of Tallamy's latest book will be available for purchase, by cash or check only, and a book signing will follow his presentation. There will be a cash and member bar. Masks and social distancing are advised for all unvaccinated attendees. For more information, visit skidawayaudubon.org.


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