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Weekly Update for 8.20.21

Third Doses of Vaccine, Booster Doses: What You Need to Know

Health Departments in Georgia are now offering a third dose of COVID-19 vaccine to individuals with certain immune system concerns. Later this fall, a booster dose of vaccine will likely be available for other vaccinated people. Let's break down the difference between this third dose and those booster shots, who qualifies, and what you need to do next. 

Third Doses for Immunocompromised Individuals

For most people, two doses of Pfizer or Moderna are enough to produce a good immune system response. But researchers are finding that people who have certain immune system issues or take immune suppressing medication get better protection from three doses of COVID-19 vaccine.

This third dose for immunocompromised individuals isn't due to waning effectiveness of the typical two-dose regimen over time. Instead, for this specific group of people, three doses are needed as part of the primary vaccination regimen. 

Who is eligible to get this third dose?

The additional vaccine dose should be considered for people who received the mRNA vaccines (Pfizer or Moderna) and have: 

  • Active treatment for solid tumor and hematologic malignancies
  • Receipt of a solid-organ transplant and taking immunosuppressive therapy
  • Receipt of CAR-T-cell or hematopoietic stem cell transplant (within 2 years of transplantation or taking immunosuppression therapy)
  • Moderate or severe primary immunodeficiency (such as DiGeorge syndrome, Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome)
  • Advanced or untreated HIV infection
  • Active treatment with high-dose corticosteroids (≥20mg prednisone or equivalent per day), alkylating agents, antimetabolites, transplant-related immunosuppressive drugs, cancer chemotherapeutic agents classified as severely immunosuppressive, tumor-necrosis (TNF) blockers, and other biologic agents that are immunosuppressive or immunomodulatory

An additional dose of the Janssen vaccine by Johnson & Johnson is not recommended at this time. 

Is documentation required?

Clients can provide documentation from their physician OR self-attest to one of the medical conditions above by signing the consent form.

How do I make an appointment for a third dose?

If you meet the qualifications for a third dose of vaccine and it has been at least 28 days since you received your second dose of Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, then please make an appointment for vaccination. Appointments can be made online at chdcovidvax.orgor by calling 912-230-5506 Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., or Friday 8 a.m. - 2 p.m. (call volume is expected to be heavy). 


Booster Shots

Booster shots are common with many vaccines. For example, most adults need a booster shot of tetanus vaccine every 10 years to maintain a high level of protection. 

For individuals with a healthy immune system, two doses of the mRNA COVID vaccines provide great protection initially. However, researchers are finding the protection begins to fade over time. That's why a booster shot may be needed 8 months after your second dose, giving you longer-lasting protection.

These booster shots are not yet authorized. The FDA and CDC are evaluating the safety and effectiveness of a booster shot and are expected to make a recommendation in the fall. If these agencies determine that a booster shot is needed, we'll be prepared to begin giving them according to Georgia Department of Public Health guidelines. 


What Else Do I Need to Know?

The COVID-19 vaccines authorized in the United States continue to be remarkably effective in reducing risk of severe disease, hospitalization, and death, even against the widely circulating Delta variant.

It is critical that unvaccinated and partially vaccinated people get their primary series of vaccines now to further reduce the risk of COVID-19 and its more severe outcomes. Nearly all the cases of severe disease, hospitalization, and death continue to occur among those not yet vaccinated at all. 


Your Vaccine Story

Tara from Camden County had COVID-19 and was hospitalized. Hear about her experience, and why she chose COVID-19 vaccination. 

Tell us your vaccine story!

If you've received the COVID-19 vaccine, why was that the right choice for you? We'd like to hear your COVID-19 vaccine story. We may share it here and at to help inform and inspire others. 

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Thanks for Saying “Yes” to Vaccination!

The Coastal Health District and Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) hosted two unique vaccination events last weekend at the Forsyth Park Farmer's Market and the Savannah Bananas Baseball game. More than 100 people said "yes" to vaccination. Thanks to everyone who supported these events!


Mobile Vaccination Clinics
in the Coastal Health District

The Coastal Health District and CORE (Community Organized Relief Effort) offer mobile vaccination clinics throughout our area. The clinics are open to anyone age 12 and older, and there is no cost for vaccine.

The list below shows events scheduled through next weekend. You can pre-register for an appointment, but walk-ups are also welcome.

  • Keller's Flea Market
    5901 Ogeechee Rd., Savannah
    Sat., August 21, 12p-4p
  • Trinity United Methodist Church
    225 W. President St., Savannah
    Sun., August 22, 11a-2p
  • 2021 GA Highway Safety Conference
    2 W. Bay Street, Savannah
    Sun., August 22, 2p-5p
  • College of Coastal Georgia
    1 College Dr., Brunswick
    Tues., August 24, 9a-2p
  • IGA Supermarket
    84 U.S. 84, Ludowici
    Wed., August 25, 9a-1p
  • Camden Co. Rec. Center
    1050 Wildcat Dr., Kingsland
    Wed., August 25, 12p-6p
    Thurs., August 26, 9a-3p
  • Cypress Bay Baptist Church
    281 Charles Shuman Rd., Pembroke
    Fri., August 27, 10a-2p
  • St. Mary's First Presbyterian Church
    100 Conyers St. West, St. Marys
    Fri., August 27, 10a-1p
  • Connor's Temple Baptist Church
    509 W. Gwinnett St., Savannah
    Sat., August 28, 9a-11a
  • Food Drive @ Walthourville City Hall
    222 Busbee Rd., Walthourville
    Sat., August 28, 9a-1p
  • Cooper Center
    700 Davis Ave., Garden City
    Sat., August 28, 1p-4p
  • Adult Oral Health Clinic
    160 Priscilla D. Thomas Way, Garden City
    Sun., August 29, 8a-4p
More Info about Mobile Vaccine Clinics

COVID-19 Testing Changes in Glynn & Camden Counties

Changes are on the way for public health’s free COVID-19 testing program in Glynn and Camden Counties.

Appointments will no longer be required; however, pre-registration is strongly encouraged and will help the line move more quickly at the testing site.

In Brunswick, the Glynn County Health Department and Southeast Georgia Health System are partnering to consolidate their COVID-19 testing programs. Beginning Monday, August 23, drive-through testing in Brunswick will be available Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. on Kemble Ave., across the street from the Emergency Care Center at the hospital.

Testing will also be available in St. Marys each Tuesday and Thursday, from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. at the Camden County Health Department’s clinic at 905 Dilworth Street.

To begin the online pre-registration process, visit For scheduling assistance, call the COVID-19 Testing Call Center at 1-912-230-9744 Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., and Friday from 8 a.m. – 2 p.m.

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