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Courtesy of Landings Public Works

2021 Athletic Field Project

On Tuesday, Georgia Power called to let staff know that the sport lighting fixtures (that will replace the existing field lights) are on back order. The light fixtures are anticipated to ship late September/early October.

2021 Community Path Project

Absolute Concrete continued to work on the conversion of path from The Village to Sundew Road this week. This section of path is taking longer to complete than originally anticipated due to the amount of rainfall the island has received this month.

Coventry Close Storm Drain Repair

This week, Southeast Pipe began working on the pipe failure located at 20 Coventry Close.  Barring any delays, the contractor anticipates completion within a week.   

TLC/TLA Storm Drain Meeting

On Monday, Sean Burgess, Bill Campbell and Amber Capps met with Chris Steigleman with The Landings Club to discuss the ownership and responsibility of the storm drain infrastructure within the community.  Over the last several years, both entities have been formulating agreements involving ownership and maintenance responsibilities of community paths, lagoon structures and storm drain infrastructure.  Staff is in the process of compiling a draft agreement with an outline on how TLA and TLC will handle storm drain pipes that cross both properties and/or tie into each other’s pipes. Thereafter, this agreement will then require review and approval from both organizations and our Board of Directors.  

Moon River Monument Sign Installation

On Wednesday, in-house staff installed the new monument sign at the Moon River entrance. The monument sign was purchased by Dan Design in the amount of $7,500 (total project cost was $7,800 with a contingency for landscape repairs during installation). The project was approved by the Finance Committee, Public Works Committee and Board of Directors in February and funded through Capital Reserves.




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