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Courtesy of TLA's Community Development Department

Nothing gives new life to a home better than a fresh coat of paint! 

Some residents may not know that when deciding to change your home's exterior color or freshen up the existing color, an application process is required. The application process for painting a home or exterior feature is quite simple and can be done online. There is not a fee associated with an Exterior Paint Application.

If there will not be a change to the exterior color scheme, the application can be quickly approved by Community Development staff. Similarly, an application can be approved at the staff level if a Pre-Approved Color Scheme is chosen. You can review the Pre-Approved Colors for your neighborhood by clicking HERE.

If your vision for your home is not represented in the Pre-Approved Color book, that is not a problem.  Applications with custom color schemes will be reviewed for approval by the Architectural Review Committee. The committee evaluates each application individually to ensure that the colors harmonize with the natural surroundings and colors of other structures in the area.

Once an application is reviewed and approved, a permit is issued and stapled to your mailbox, and the work can begin. The  Community Development Department issued more than 130 permits for exterior paint last year and nearly 100 already this year. 

To submit an Exterior Paint Application online, click HERE. To learn more about the application process or review criteria, please email us (

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