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Courtesy of Landings Public Works

South Island Public Service District Site Visit

On Tuesday, Sean Burgess, Amber Capps, Dylan Till and Strategic Water Committee members Terry Breyman, Bob Hainly and Ron Medders (with Utilities, Inc.) toured the South Island Public Service District Cretaceous Well site and Reverse Osmosis plant in Hilton Head Island, SC. The site visit was extremely informative as the committee continues to explore alternative water and wastewater plants for the island. Staff, in conjunction with the committee, hope to schedule additional visits at surrounding private and public municipalites over the next couple of months. 

2021 Community Path Project

Absolute Concrete continued to work on the conversion of path from Landings Harbor Marina to Bartram Road this week. Barring any weather delays, this section of path will be completed by Friday. Next week, Absolute will move to Deer Creek to begin the demolition of the path from The Village to Sundew Road. 

Road Work on Hawksbeard Lane and Landings Way South

CPCS, one of the department’s contractors, applied a seal coat to Hawksbeard Lane on Thursday and Friday. CPCS also painted the crossovers and crossing on Landings Way South from Huntingwood Lane to the Palmetto Club entrance.  

Grass Carp Stocking in Lagoons

Grass Carp were stocked in 18 freshwater lagoons this week. The grass carp serve as an excellent tool for natural aquatic weed control and help reduce the amount of herbicide applications that are required in our freshwater lagoons. This annual stocking is funded through our operational budget.

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