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Landings Harbor

Operating Hours 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday – Friday

8 a.m. to 8 pm., Saturday and Sunday

Landings Harbor Marina

The week started off with “Elsa” looming over us. The Marinas staff prepared the property to weather the storm and we closed early to let our staff get home safely. We came back on Thursday morning to tree debris on the ground and no power. Staff cleaned up the grounds and helped several members who came by throughout the day to check on their boats. The power did not wasn’t restored until 5:50 that afternoon. We had a generator hooked up to our ice chest and ice cream freezer to salvage the merchandise.   

The weekend was very busy. There were over 200 boat moves on Saturday and Sunday alone. There was an afternoon storm on Saturday that brought everything to a halt for a short while due to rain and lightning.  

Our team replaced the pads on the forks on the larger forklift truck. The new pads were put on to prevent damage to the bottom of boats when we do boat movements.

Marina Store

The Marina Store continues to have solid sales on snacks, beverages, marine products, and merchandise. We do have replenishment and some new apparel items coming in the next two weeks. These items include a solar hoodie from Vapor and a short sleeve t-shirt with an updated Landings Harbor nautical flag design. Due to supply issues our new t-shirt will be a super soft Pima cotton shirt made by “Indigo”. This company sources its cotton in Georgia and has the garments sewn in South Carolina. I love bringing items into the store from local companies. Keep your eye out for new Landings Marinas baseball caps coming our way too! 

Dry Storage

Landings Harbor wet, dry, and jet ski storage slots are holding at full capacity.  We have had a couple boats leave their dry slips, but the new occupants, from our waiting list, are in the process of filling them.

The Landings Sailing Program

The Landings Sailing Club had a great turnout for their races last Saturday. Luckily, they got everyone back to shore safely just before the storm hit. They added one more member to bring their total to 37. They are looking forward to the Beer Can Race/Social this Friday, July 16. 

LEARN TO SAIL with The Landings Sailing Club 

The next Saturday classroom sessions will be July 17 and August 21. The water session will be held the following Sunday, Tuesday, or Wednesday based on student and instructor availability, weather, and tides. Class size is limited to ten students. For more information, contact Angela Margolit (973-296-8011 or amargolit@hotmail.com).

Landings Dry Storage Activity











Delegal Creek Marina

Summer operating Hours 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Delegal Creek Marina

Delegal Creek Marina boaters showed that they are on top of their game. Upon visiting the property prior to Tropical Storm Elsa, I was pleased to find most vessels were secured in the slips properly to weather the storm. Staff made several rounds on the property to insure all items were either removed from the elements or secured in place. The attention to detail when expecting serious weather certainly helps prevent damage to the property and vessels. Accolades for a job well done goes to the marina staff for making sure the property was as prepared as possible to face this storm. A quick cleanup of some debris on the landside and resetting the water and fuel systems brought the property to full operations quickly the next day.


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