Audubon/Landings Weather Station Project

Weather Station Volunteers Co-Chairs Bob Hainly and Rick Cunningham


Under the authority of the Strategic Water Committee and with the financial support of Skidaway Audubon, a group of volunteers was assembled in late 2018 to install networked individual weather stations across the island.

This network consists of Audubon-funded and individually purchased systems, and the project currently provides island-wide, current weather conditions to residents via the Weather Underground (WU) web interface. As the volume of data increases, The Landings Association’s Strategic Water Committee intends to correlate the historical precipitation data with shallow well monitoring water level data to assist with groundwater resources management. An existing network of 54 nested wells at 27 locations within The Landings is monitored and maintained by the Association’s Public Works Department and a contractor.

Status of Project

Currently, we have project weather stations installed at the Landings Dog Park, Skidaway Farms, and our two Marinas. For example, you can see the Farm’s weather data at In addition, a number of personal weather stations are installed at people’s homes, and many of them also are transmitting their data to WU. Check them out on weather underground’s map ( Be sure to pan and zoom in to Skidaway Island to see all the stations.

We’re looking for project volunteers!

We are now looking for additional volunteers to help us take the network to a second level. We need help with network design and development, station maintenance, data compilation, data analysis, and data display. We’re also planning to revise our recommendations for various personal stations. If you have interest or expertise in any of these items, ideas for the project, or a general interest regarding the weather in The Landings, please email us (

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