Security Update 

By Tim Cook - 
Security Director

We officially have dedicated a copious amount of time and effort to educate our members on Golf Cart Safety and Community Path issues. You can find these articles on our website ( by searching for golf cart, golf cart safety, or community paths

Although I am not an active member of any social media site, I often hear about current, trending chatter online. One such topic I recently heard about was individuals who still do not know the state law or Chatham County’s local ordinance regarding 15-year-old’s operating golf carts with a learner’s permit. Many continue to embrace the commonly misquoted Peachtree City Ordinance as being state law ( 

In July 2019, TLA’s Security Officers increased issued citations by 41% and, by the end of 2019, had realized an 87% increase in citations. These enforcement efforts continued in 2020, where we realized a 95% increase in citations (to include warnings and fines). Association staff and volunteers will be providing Courtesy Safety Inspection (CSI) events near the Club’s pool campuses. Part of our CSI events will include verifying driver’s licenses and ensuring golf carts are registered ( 

On a note of civility, please treat everyone with respect. Too often, well-intentioned residents’ efforts are not appreciated and, in some cases, inappropriate. How a resident approaches another resident about a possible violation of a Rule often results in a negative situation and hurt feelings on both sides. If you believe a Rule has been violated, please call Security (912-598-1982, option 2). Immediately reporting an issue helps in many cases, and the more information you can provide assists us in connecting the dots and sometimes solving the problem. 

If you plan to attend the July 4th celebration at Deer Creek, please plan to drive your golf cart to reduce vehicle traffic and congestion. It is important to remember that fireworks on common property are strictly prohibited. However, fireworks on private property are allowed per Georgia Code § 25-10-2 between  the  hours of 10 a.m. and 11:59 p.m. on specific dates, including July 4

Chatham County Police Department (CCPD) and TLA Security urge you to lock your doors, especially your vehicles’ doors, and secure your valuables. Also, please be a responsible gun owner and properly secure your firearms. 

As we emerge from our COVID-19 cocoon, extend a heartfelt welcome to your neighbors and fellow human beings. Be nice, be kind, and be patient. 

Stay safe and stay well,


































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