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Courtesy of TLA's Community Development Department

With warm weather upon us, many residents will be enjoying more time outdoors in the evening enjoying the natural beauty of our community.  While outdoor lighting can enhance our experience after dark, it also has the potential to disrupt the established character of The Landings and to disrupt neighbors. Therefore, the placement and type of exterior lighting may require review and approval by the Architectural Review Committee. 

Examples of exterior lighting that require review are exterior wall mounted fixtures, landscape lighting, string lighting, and lights illuminating features such as trees or flag poles. 

If you are considering adding exterior lighting or changing the bulbs in your existing lighting to increase the brightness or change the hue, reach out to a member of the Community Development Staff to get information about lighting requirements. 

Thank you all for doing your part in keeping The Landings one of the most beautiful communities in the south.


This article was originally published by The Landings Association on their website.

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