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2021 Athletic Field Complex Project

Staff is awaiting a timeline from Georgia Power on when they intend to install the underground electrical wiring around the field (to prepare for the new lighting that will be installed along the new perimeter walking path). This underground electrical work must be completed prior to the installation of the new perimeter walking path.  Staff will continue to keep the community apprised of the project’s progression. 

Annual Stop Bar and Crosswalk Restriping

This year, staff contracted Concrete Products and Construction Specialties to re-stripe the stop bars and crosswalks in Deer Creek and Oakridge which included the restriping of 189 stop bars and 24 crosswalks. The purpose of the stop bar/line pavement reflective striping program is to ensure the safety of community members and guests by distinguishing the point in which vehicular and pedestrian traffic must stop before entering an intersection. This program is completed annually and is funded through the department’s operational budget.      

2021 Community Path Project

This week, Absolute Concrete completed the conversion of path (from asphalt to concrete) along Priest Landing Drive from Windlass Court to Topsail Court and will continue to work through the project scope. 

Brandt Site Visit

This week, staff met with a representative of Brandt to discuss improved efficiencies and cost savings when it comes to the herbicide/algaecide treatments of our lagoon system. Brandt is the current supplier for the dye treatments for our lagoons; however, staff has held discussions with several vendors as part of a larger effort to not only provide cost savings for the organization, but to ensure that we have multiple vendors that can supply the herbicide/algaecide treatments we need for the lagoons.

Courtyard Tree Pruning

The trees within Patio Lot Courtyards are pruned on a three-year cycle.  The trees are dead wooded and uplifted as needed by in-house staff.  The Patio Courtyards include the following areas: Village Green Circle, Robert Reid Court, Henry Clay Court, Clayton Court, Ramshorn Court, Cane Patch Lane, Schroder Court, Hawkins Lane, Windless Court, Topsail Court, Lanyard Court, Westferry Court, Amberly Court, Vandy Court, and Fore Royal Circle. Inhouse staff completed the pruning of all courtyards this week and the above areas will be evaluated and pruned again in 2024.

Storm Clean Up

Staff and Brightview Landscapes spent the beginning part of this week conducting storm clean up after the previous weekend’s inclement weather. The additional clean-up included increased cycles of blowing the community paths, street sweeping, removal of downfall and the removal of 5 felled trees from our roadways and common property.

Main Gate Grinder Pump Installation

On Wednesday, Utilities, Inc.’s subcontractors were onsite prepping the area for the installation of a grinder pump. The facility at the Main Gate is the only TLA-owned facility that is not connected to Utilities, Inc.'s sewer system.  Over the last several years, staff has had to contract the removal of solids and other items from the drain field as it has continually backed up which has ultimately caused failures in the system. Additionally, tree roots have infiltrated the drain field which has caused additional failures in the septic system. This project was approved in the first quarter of 2021 and staff anticipates the installation to be completed next week.

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