Landings Harbor Project Team Update

At the end of April, The Landings Association sent out the first communication asking for volunteers to assist with the Landings Harbor Project Team. The deadline for applications was May 21st, and we received an overwhelming number of applications (50+), which had a wide range of experience, educational knowledge, and an overall high level of talent. Due to the number of applications received, we modified our approach and included Marinas Director Larry Sincoskie and Public Works Director Sean Burgess in the review process. We also reached out to Tom Souls, who had chaired the Franklin Creek and Marshwood Projects for his assistance.

We re-focused the group to a working project team, which will provide for project leads in the following key areas: Engineering/Technical, Wet Slips, Dry Stacks, Landings Harbor Picnic Area/Grounds, Community Outreach, Amenities, and Financial. 

At The Landings Association’s June 22 Board Meeting, the individuals below were appointed to lead these key areas of the Project Team. The goal of this team is to renovate and invigorate the Landings Harbor waterfront by creating a better community amenity at the Harbor for both boaters and non-boaters, while highlighting the beauty of this location. For those who weren’t selected for the leadership positions for the larger Project Team, the individuals appointed for each of the following areas will receive the full list of applicants so they can draw on the talents and experience of the dozens who volunteered to fill out their Teams, as well as for subsequent focus groups. 

  • Team Chair: Tom Souls
  • Engineering/Technical: Hal Duensing
  • Wet Slips: Zach Bentley
  • Dry Stacks: Corey Fountain
  • Landings Harbor Picnic Area/Grounds: Charles Anderson
  • Community Outreach: Ann Baxter
  • Amenities: Jesse Ruben
  • Financial: Tony Martin

We appreciate all community members who took the time to apply. It truly is amazing to see how many community members are willing to give up their time to volunteer and take part in the improvement of our amenities and infrastructure. As the team continues to meet, additional communications will be sent out to outline their progress. Thank you again for your support and volunteerism!

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