TLA Board Accepting Nominations

By Judy Monaco -
Landings Association Board Nominating Committee Chair 

If you had the opportunity to learn about the inner workings of your community, make new acquaintances, and contribute your strongest skills on a dynamic team to perform meaningful, rewarding work, would you take it?

If the answer is yes, then you don’t want to miss the opportunity to apply for a position on The Landings Association’s Board of Directors! Additional benefits of becoming a Board Director are that your friends will thank you profusely, and you will be among the first to know about and participate in exciting new projects, such as the Landings Harbor Marina Project.

Serving on the Board is a commitment and a responsibility, but it also is very fulfilling work. The good news is, as an active member of the Board, you still will have plenty of time to enjoy the Landings’ lifestyle. In fact, one of our current Board members holds a full-time job, and two of us run consulting businesses, and yet we have time for TLA-related business as well as leisure activities.

Ask anyone who has ever served on TLA’s Board if they regretted it, and I’ll bet it would be hard to find someone who says yes. Here is what our two newest Directors have to say about their experience:

“When I was approached last year about applying to join TLA’s Board, I was flattered but unsure about the expectations of serving on an HOA. I knew many who had served previously, and I was interested in what qualifications would best serve me in feeling competent for the assignment. I was encouraged that the other nominees were wonderfully qualified, so I knew that whatever the outcome, the Board would be a way to give back to the community. I had spent 20 years in volunteer roles in my Pennsylvania community, but I had never planned on doing any more here in Savannah. The ‘hot seat’ can be awkward, but I have been very gratified by the day-to-day support I get from my neighbors and friends thanking me for serving. This is OUR community, and we all need to take a turn to serve it. The administrative management and staff here are so much more qualified than I had ever anticipated. I think three years of learning and listening could be a great choice for anyone who wants to work on community engagement.”

-Andrea Felkins

“When my wife Noreen and I purchased a home in The Landings, we both wanted to contribute in some way to make this community an even better place to live. For me, given my business and previous HOA experience, TLA’s Board was a logical avenue for supporting the residents in The Landings, and I have not ever regretted this decision. Working with our tremendous TLA staff, my fellow Board Directors, and being able to learn more about our wonderful community have all been personally enriching for me. We have such a ‘jewel’ of a community and lifestyle here, and working to make it better has been my distinct pleasure over this past year. The future of The Landings needs engaged residents to participate in various efforts to enhance what we have here, and serving on the Board is one excellent way to do that.” 

- Bob Wood 

The Landings is a unique community, with many talented individuals, some of whom already have served on the Association’s Board and others who would make perfect additions to our team of Directors. However, it is incumbent upon my fellow residents to realize that they can be a part of the positive change they wish to see in The Landings. It’s going to be an exciting year ahead. Come join the team! 

Remember, you also can nominate a friend or neighbor who you believe would be a good addition to the Association’s Board. To submit a Board Candidate Application, click here. You also can learn more and become more involved by applying to serve on any of our committees. To submit a Committee Application, please click here

If you have questions or concerns, please contact any Board director, or email me ( to discuss your interest in serving or to recommend others

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