LMFRF Quarterly Report 

By Lou Molella

This report will be all about the phrase THANK YOU! First and most importantly, thank the good Lord for allowing us all to come thru this long and difficult pandemic year and to give us the strength and will to resume normalcy. 

Your Landings Military Family Relief Fund continues serving our Military. I hope you all realize their appreciation, evidenced by their continued support of our Landings’ requests for event Color Guards, speakers, support at our Military Appreciation Day at the Korn Ferry Event, and more! It’s their way of saying Thank You

This great relationship has been in place for 14 years, and it is now time for us to recognize some special Landings efforts that have led to the Fund’s sustainment over the years. 

First, the Fund recognizes the patriots who support and participate in the Parker and Peggy Pearson Memorial Day Golf event. The tournament was started in 2011, in honor of Chick Wilson, one of our own veterans. Chick’s wife, Kathy, working with Parker and Peggy, re-named the event, after several years, in honor of all our nation’s heroes. Since the inception of this tournament, they have provided more than $142,000 to our Landings Military Family Relief Fund. Thank You Parker, Peggy, and all partners. 

We also owe thanks to The Landings Women’s Golf Association’s Red White and Blue event, which has raised significant monies in support of our Fund. Thank you, Ladies! We are working to provide a Color Guard for your August 31 event and a Military speaker for your Luncheon. 

We also recognize the Korn Ferry tournament for blessing us with a meaningful and very significant contribution! We know Military Appreciation Day added much to your event. 

Major General Aguto, Commanding General of the 3rd Infantry Division, told us of notes his command team received, from parents and children, appreciating the static displays of helicopters, and other hardware, and how much families enjoyed interacting with the Soldiers that were at the various displays. Thank You! 

This year, a new group, my Marshes neighbors, also joined our team!  Thank You for responding so generously. Your Memorial Day Ceremony was beautiful! 

Not forgotten are the wonderful individuals of our beautiful community who simply sat down and wrote a check to the “Savannah Community Foundation for the LMFRF”, Thank you so much for your continued support! 

The fund continues to respond to individual soldier needs, as in the case of a soldier, whose 2-year-old child contracted Cancer, while they were stationed in Texas. The Army transferred him to Georgia, as his child needed the specialties of Emory in Atlanta. While military Tri care covered all the medical expenses of his treatment, travel, lodging, and food for his family, which was not covered, was covered by our Fund. 

Col. J. Freeman, (Medical Commander, 3rd ID) sent the following note of thanks for the things they were able to procure in support of Soldiers recovering from PTSD and other physical impairments because of support from our Fund:

Thank you for the generous donation made to the Medical Activity, Fort Stewart, GA.

   Soldiers and Beneficiaries are benefiting from the donations provided and the following slides highlight contributions to the following departments: 

Department of Behavioral Health 

  • Two Large TV Monitors to Facilitate Use of Videos for Treatment Groups & VTC Capability 
  • Training Materials for Therapist Providing Marital Therapy to Soldiers (books, workbooks, facilitator guides)  
  • Kids Activity Sets for Child and Family Behavioral Health Waiting Room 

Department of Rehabilitation 

  • Equipment to support Physical Therapy Soldiers recovering from injuries and simulate the Army Combat Fitness Test 
  • included trap bar, medicine ball, sled, kettlebells, bumper plates, and a pull-up rack 

Soldier Recovery Unit 

  • Gardening Kits 
  • Arts and Crafts 

   All the wonderful work that is done by the Fund is administered thru the Liberty County United Way, headed by Jennifer Darsey. They have been and continue to be, our faithful and trusted partners. Thank you and your team, Jennifer! 

   On behalf of the Landings' Fund Directors, thank you to all who support our Fund enabling it to provide help and support to our Coastal Georgia active-duty Soldiers and their families.

This article was originally published by The Landings Association on their website.

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