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Courtesy of Landings Public Works

2021 Road Repair and Replacement Project

Bennett Paving completed milling and paving the section of road along Landings Way North from Tidewater Way to Bartram Road on Thursday, which concludes the 2021 Road Project.  Staff, in conjunction with our engineer, will evaluate all newly paved roads and develop a punch list if required. 













2021 Community Path Project

Absolute Concrete completed the conversion of path (from asphalt to concrete) from Landings Harbor Marina to Windlass Court on Friday.  The contractor will continue to work through the conversion of paths up to Bartram

2021 HVAC Unit Replacements

On Tuesday, Climatech, our HVAC service provider, replaced the HVAC unit in the CDD office located in the Administration building. This project was approved in May by the Finance Committee, Public Works Committee and the Board of Directors and was funded through the Capital Asset Management Plan. Climatech is scheduled to replace the deer cooler refrigeration unit in the next 2-4 weeks which was also approved in May.

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