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Landings Harbor

Operating Hours 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday – Friday

8 a.m. to 8 pm., Saturday and Sunday

Landings Harbor Marina

Our summer hours are now in effect. Our boaters are enjoying having us on hand for that extra time in the evening for boat launches and returning boats to their slips. The extended hours help during the busier days to alleviate the number of boats left in the water after hours allowing us to get boats launched quicker the following day. We are seeing an overall increase of activity at the marina in general now that schools are out. On the weekends, especially, we are finding more items left behind and would like to remind everyone to make sure they are taking home everything that they brought.

The Marina staff has been working on sanding and painting the two rocking chairs on the porch.  We will get new seat cushions this upcoming week.  Marina staff also replaced several screen panels in the fish cleaning station.

Marina Store

We are well stocked with men’s and women’s solar shirts along with custom short sleeve cotton tees.   We have a great selection of sun protective headwear as well.  The custom sunglass straps, recently added, are coming in handy for several folks.   We have refreshed our beer and seltzer summer selections and now have a Sauvignon Blanc available.

Landings Harbor Dredging Project

Estate Management completed the dredging project on Tuesday afternoon. The dredge was hauled out and removed from the property on Wednesday morning. The final bathymetric survey will be conducted Thursday by Southeastern Marine to confirm the cubic yardage removed during this project.

Dry Storage

Landings Harbor wet, dry, and jet ski storage slots are at 100% capacity. Three new jet ski racks were added and leased this week bringing the total to number of jet skis to 20. Staff is keeping an up to date waiting list for those who need a place to keep their boat.   

The Landings Sailing Program

The Landings Sailing Club continues to grow their membership. Last weekend’s Beer Can Race/Social Event was well attended.  The Sailing Club is displaying another 1st Place Trophy from the Savannah Yacht Club Wassaw Regatta in the ship’s store. 

Landings Dry Storage Activity










Delegal Creek Marina

Summer operating Hours 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Delegal Creek Marina

Staff completed the final dock box hardware replacements at all slips. We have spare replacement hinges and hasps on hand to make quick repairs as needed.

Marina Occupancy

Delegal Creek Marina is at maximum occupancy. The staff is now utilizing a waiting list for Landing’s property owners looking for accommodations for their vessels.


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