Fishing for Research - 6 p.m. on June 8

Courtesy of Savannah State University and CCA

Savannah State University is looking for volunteer anglers to participate in an upcoming study that is aimed at developing a better understanding of what kind of oyster reef structure is best for catching our favorite sportfish.

Professor Matt Kenworthy and his graduate assistant Cameron Atkinson, have recently directed the placement of two oyster reef materials along the Skidaway River adjacent to a naturally formed oyster reef along a portion of the shore adjacent to the Skidaway State Park on Skidaway Island.

A video link is provided below that describes in some detail the basis of the study and outlines the introduction of a new oyster reef structure called "Oyster Catcher" that will be compared to the traditional "Bagged Oyster Shells" and the natural oyster reef.

If you are interested in becoming a study volunteer, please join us on Tuesday, June 8 at 6 p.m. at the Group Shelter building at the Skidaway State Park to learn more about the research plan. The parameters of the study, including the time period of data collection, will be presented along with instructions on how to sign up to be part of the research team. Please note, parking for this event is free. However, please stop by the ranger station to let them know you are attending this event.

To signup for this evet, visit If you are interested in participating but cannot attend the meeting, we will add you to the project distribution list to provide you with all pertinent information.


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