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Juveniles Driving Golf Carts

Suppose you believe a 12-year-old without a driver’s license can operate a golf cart with a parent or guardian, or a 15-year-old with a learner’s permit can operate a golf court without a licensed driver sitting beside them. In that case, you MUST read the March 2020 center spread of The Landings Journal (landings.org/sites/default/files/Landings%20Journal%20PDFs/2020%20Landings%20Journals/03-March%202020%20Journal.pdf). In short, Chatham County’s local law (ordinance) clearly states golf carts can be operated only by licensed drivers. As for the 15-year-old with a learner’s permit, treat the golf cart the same as a car. Your soon-to-be driver should be thoroughly familiar with driving laws before operating a motor vehicle, which can be found in the Official Code of Georgia Annotated (O.C.G.A).

Boat Accident

Security was notified of a boat accident that occurred at Delegal Marina on Saturday, May 22. A Carefree Boat Club member was attempting to move the boat out of a slip when he started to move towards another boat docked behind him. In an attempt to avoid the other boat, the man put his boat into full throttle and surged forward, hitting the dock before making a hard left and hitting another boat docked in the slip next to him. The cost of damages is unknown at this time. Fortunately, no significant injuries were reported.

Vehicle Accident

On Monday, May 24, Security and Chatham County Police Department (CCPD) responded to a minor vehicle accident on Hobcaw Lane involving two vehicles and a utility trailer. A resident backed into their guest’s vehicle in their driveway. When the guest attempted to move her vehicle out of the way, she backed into a utility trailer that had been parked curbside without safety cones. There were no injuries reported at the time of the incident. There were minor damages to the guest’s vehicle.


Security responded to Bosun’s Circle on Monday, May 24, for a report of a dumpster fire. Chatham Emergency Services (CES) was already on scene and extinguished the fire. The cause is unknown.


On Wednesday, March 20, the Public Works Department reported that a portable Powerhouse Generator was removed from the closet behind the North Gate. The generator was placed there during the first quarter of 2021. The last time it was seen is unknown, and the generator is valued at $679.99.

A resident on Bluff Oak Retreat reported a missing bicycle valued at approximately $700 missing from her garage on Wednesday, March 20. The bicycle was last seen earlier in the week when her daughter placed it in the garage after riding it. The resident advised that she had left the garage open earlier in the week but did not notice if the bike was missing at the time. There were no signs of forced entry, and nothing else appeared to be missing. It is unknown who may have taken the bicycle.

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