Budget Box: Landings Community Park Update

By Shari Haldeman - sharih@landings.org
General Manager/COO


This year, The Landings Association transformed a dated, 20+ year old asset into one of the best, most inclusive play areas in the region. This is thanks to the residents who volunteered to work with staff to plan and design the complex, coupled with the successful Annual Dues vote last year.

The total cost for the Athletic Complex Project, renamed “Landings Community Park”, is $575,395. The Association’s Capital Asset Management Plan (CAMP) had $218,505 scheduled in the Reserve Fund for basic replacement of some of the playground equipment, irrigation, and fencing. Through the Annual Dues vote, another $308,050 was added to the CAMP to include funds for upgrades and enhancements like upgraded playground equipment, the walking/jogging track, added safety netting, and improved lighting. The new shade pavilion is funded through the Association’s Operating account, for a cost of $48,840.

To date, the Association has spent $270,885 on the project. Due to project delays for the rubberized path and improved lighting, the project completion date has not yet been finalized, but we continue to enjoy seeing the progress of the project and the community utilization that it has brought thus far.

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