President's Update 5-26-2021

By John Holmquist
President, The Landings Association

June in The Landings is a month of beginnings and of endings. A number of organizations end their social calendars and take a break for the summer, and of course, June marks the end of the school year. This school year was like no other, and we cannot give enough credit to the students, parents, and teachers who survived this exceptionally difficult year. Congratulations to the graduates of the class of 2021! Enjoy your summer and be proud of your accomplishments.

June also marks the beginning of Hurricane Season, which is already off to a fast start with subtropical storm Ana. To our new residents, Hurricane Season is something you have to take seriously. NOAA predicts that this will be an above average season for Atlantic hurricanes.

Prior to moving here, our friends asked us about hurricanes. I confidently answered that because of the Georgia Bight and the Gulf Stream, hurricanes weren’t really a problem in Savannah. Along came Tropical Storm Hermine in September and Hurricane Matthew in October 2016 with the loss of thousands of trees, and simply unbelievable amounts of debris that took months to remove (see photo below for just a small portion of the debris). Yes, Savannah can get hurricanes.

We have been lucky the last couple of years, but we need to be prepared. I encourage you to attend TLA’s Hurricane Town Hall on June 16, at 7 p.m., in Palmetto’s Ballroom. A note to anyone who bought a generator with the thought of riding out a hurricane. Not all of Utility, Inc.’s lift stations have generators. If the power goes out, sewage may become an adventure for those who stay.

The beginning of summer brings another event which I wish I did not have to discuss. Summer is a time when vandalism historically increases. With respect to our road signs this year, there have been 58 cases of vandalism. Missing or damaged road signs have an impact on first responders’ ability to respond to a call. It is a safety concern. Vandalism is a violation of our Rules, and it is criminal offense under Georgia law. We will treat vandalism as a criminal matter and prosecute all offenders. If you see acts of vandalism, please contact Security.

Finally, June begins the summer we earned by our social distancing, by wearing masks, and by getting our vaccinations. I hope everyone takes advantage of doing all the things we took for granted and rediscovers why we think The Landings and Savannah are the best places to call home.


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