General Manager's Update - 5-27-21

By Shari Haldeman -
General Manager/COO

Dear Landings Association Members,

More than a year later, we finally are getting back to much more normalized operations, following changes brought about by COVID-19. In April, we began accepting reservations again for such amenities as the Sunset Pavilion and our Administration building conference room. What better way to usher in the summer than to be able to get together again in close quarters with family and friends!

The changes required during the pandemic have helped improve our processes…from conducting more business online 24/7, to improving our communications with committees and community members. We’re also in the process of upgrading our conference room A/V system to improve live streaming of in-person meetings for residents as well as to allow for more conducive hybrid meetings. Board and Committee meetings will resume in person in June, along with improved ability for remote participation by members whose schedules prevent physical attendance. Thank you for your patience and encouragement over the past 15 months!

We put out a call for help, and you answered! The Association's Board recently established a charter for a Landings Harbor Project Team to drive the planning and design of this idyllic waterfront amenity. A total of 50 residents have submitted applications to be considered! The Board of Director’s Executive Committee is now in the process of selecting team members. We saw how successful the Athletic Complex Committee was last year, and we plan to use a similar process with this team. Look for future updates as work progresses on reimagining this asset.

It’s time once again for The Landings Association’s annual Hurricane Town Hall Meeting. This is especially important for all the new owners who have joined our community over the last year who may not have experience with preparing for hurricanes, which periodically threaten our area. You will learn best practices from Chatham Emergency Management Agency (CEMA), followed by a question-and-answer period. The meeting will be held June 16 in the Palmetto Club’s ballroom (1 Cottonwood Drive) at 7 p.m.

Speaking of our newer owners, if you were not listed in the printed 2021 Landings Residential Directory, or if you have an update to your listing, please let us know by June 14. We want to include you in an addendum that will be printed in the July Landings Journal, and also want to make sure you’re listed how you want to be in the 2022 Residential Directory. Please view the details here for information on how to complete your update.

Over the last few years, we have used the Swift911 platform to rapidly send messages, such as severe weather or road closure notices, to those who have subscribed to this free service. Due to a change in ownership, there will be a new platform to send these messages, so you will notice a new name. You will still be subscribed, but you will need to access a new website to update your account if you’d like to make changes. I mention this now to let you know what’s coming, and we will provide detailed instructions prior to launch.

Some recent road closures have been necessary due to our 2021 road resurfacing project. As I write this, that project is on schedule, on budget, and almost halfway complete. We have been more stringent this year in shutting down areas being paved, and for longer periods, to allow for proper application. I sincerely appreciate your patience as we upgrade our roadways.

Have a safe and happy summer!


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