Security Update 

By Tim Cook - 
Security Director

Different, but the Same 

Occasionally, when I feel a little nostalgic, I like to reflect upon historical articles in The Landings Journal. Interestingly, as I was looking through past articles, I discovered a few patterns. If you have lived in The Landings for 10 years or more, you probably have a good idea about some of the issues we face today that we faced 10-to-40 years ago. 

June 1981: “Another reminder, please notify the Security Gate in advance of visitors, service people, deliveries, etc. that you are expecting.” 

Officers continue to face the same challenge 40 years later, and their ability to make judgment calls that err on the side of customer service versus more stringent security measures is dwindling. Please preauthorize your guests and vendors. Not only will it decrease the wait time for guests and vendors entering our community, but it also will prevent your guest from being delayed or ultimately denied entry if we cannot reach you. 

In 1981, residents had to call in their guests. Now, you have many options. Instead of calling, you can preauthorize your expected arrivals via the online portal ( or ABDi’s smartphone app. Although you still can reach the Main Gate, please be aware that the Main Gate Volunteers have not assisted with calls since COVID-19 began last year. Despite this significant decrease in staffing, we have not increased staffing levels or hours. 

June 1981: “Speeding continues to be one of our major security problems. Habitual violators of our speed limit (25 m.p.h.) will see their names published in future newsletters.” 

Instead of education through humiliation, we now have fines and can educate through the pocketbook. Speed limits are enforced by speed detection devices by The Landings Association’s Security Officers as well as Law Enforcement Officers. The speed limit within our community is 30 MPH unless otherwise posted. 

July 1991: “Please review the golf cart rules of operation as published in the last two issues of The Landings Journal. I have observed children sitting behind the steering wheels of several carts in motion – remember that licensed drivers only should be operating the carts.” 

Security Officers responded to your request and increased unlicensed golf cart operation warnings and citations issued in 2020 by 85%. As of April 30, we have already issued 18 warnings and citations. Let this serve as a public notice that as part of the Courtesy Safety Inspection (CSI) events offered this summer, we will be inspecting operators’ driver’s licenses. Chatham County Police Department (CCPD) has been invited to attend these events and is duly authorized to issue State citations for traffic violations, including unlicensed drivers.  

August 1893: A hurricane known as the “Sea Island Storm” made landfall just south of Savannah with winds of 120 mph and killed nearly 2,000 people. 

Chatham Emergency Management Agency (CEMA) will be at the Palmetto Club on June 16 at 7 p.m. to discuss Chatham County’s hurricane plan and provide excellent advice to ensure you have a plan in place. Please make a concerted effort to attend this meeting, especially if you have never been to one or never had to deal with these types of storms. 














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