Deer, Deer Netting, and Tips for Deterring Deer Around Your Plants 

Courtesy of Landings Public Works 

Spring is here, and summer is just around the corner, which means new landscaping is well underway with the changeout of plants, turf, shrubs, and more! Deer have larger appetites in the spring as new shoots and buds are in bloom and become especially enticing to the deer after winter. 

Many residents install netting around their flower beds to prevent deer and other animals from snacking on their plants. However, the nets can trap snakes and other unwanted reptiles. If an animal gets stuck in your netting, you can reach out to a local pest control company or remove it yourself. Although we contract a USDA Representative at ¾ time, he is not authorized to conduct work on residential property and is to provide expert technical advice only to assess concerns/issues on residential properties. 

Below are a few tips to help prevent deer damage to your plants: 

  • Choose deer-resistant plants. Your first line of defense against deer always will be your plant selection. Deer often go for tender greens such as pansies, ivy, hosta, and most young plants. Click here to view a list of deer resistant plants 

  • Use deer repellents/deterrents like liquid fence, deer farm, and even paprika every now and then. 

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