Redfish Slot Size Explained

By Dylan Till -
Environmental Manager

As the weather continues to warm, many residents will begin to turn their attention to the Landings’ lagoons and recreational fishing. Many of these anglers will be eyeing the saltwater lagoons for Redfish (Also known as Spotted Bass, Channel Bass, and Red Drum.) Did you know some Georgia Rules and Regulations should be followed when pursuing this popular game fish?    

Among these rules is one that refers to slot-size limits. This means that Redfish have a minimum size limit for harvest and a maximum size limit for harvest. The current creel limit for Redfish in Georgia states the fish must be at least 14-inches-long and no more than 23-inches-long, with a five-fish daily harvest limit and no closed season. 

Slot-size limits are a basic tool for fishery management. In the case of Redfish, the minimum size limit of 14-inches-long allows for an ample number of fish to have a chance to reach sexual maturity (sexual maturity occurs at four years and when the fish is 27-30 inches long). The maximum size limit of 23-inches-long is to protect sexually mature fish and ensure the future of Georgia’s Redfish. 

It’s important that all anglers learn proper techniques for releasing Redfish either because the fish is outside the slot size or when practicing catch and release. The proper techniques for catch and release could easily be a separate article. Please see this Georgia DNR Coastal Resources Division article on the subject (

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As a reminder, the Landings Rules and Regulations for fishing in The Landings are as follows:

  • Fishing in lagoons is permissible for owners/residents and their accompanied guests only. 
  • Fishing is permitted from common property only, and access is limited to common property. Encroachment on private property is prohibited. Fishing from golf courses is prohibited. 
  • Users of common property are responsible for any damage to such property, and for the cleanup and trash removal from the property as a result of their specific use. 
  • Disturbing the peace, endangering others, excessive noise, littering, and destruction of property are prohibited. 
  • Motor vehicles are not permitted to park within a car length of the lagoon edges. Where appropriate, vehicles may park off-road adjacent to the lagoons. 
  • Boating, rafting, wading, and swimming are prohibited in the lagoons. 
  • Georgia Fishing Rules and Regulations apply. A complete listing of fishing rules which range from license requirements to game fish daily limits to length limits for various species, can be found on the Georgia Department of Natural Resources website (

For more information about fishing in Landings’ lagoons, please contact TLA’s Environmental Manager ( or 598-5506). Landings Security encourages residents to call 598-1982 should there be a concern regarding any rules and regulations not being followed. Remember, Anglers should be aware of their surroundings at all times as alligators are found in both freshwater and saltwater lagoons.

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