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2021 Athletic Field Project Update

BrightView and their subcontractors completed the irrigation replacement and clay refurbishment at the athletic field this week. 

On Wednesday, Shamgar began to remove the old fencing around the perimeter of the athletic field. Shamgar anticipates the removal of the old fencing and installation of the new fencing to be completed within two weeks.  Although the field will reopen on May 1, please be cognizant of the contractors working around the perimeter of the field.

Sporting Concepts began to address some roofing issues and repairs to the pavilion on Wednesday. After staff completed a walkthrough of the completed installation, some punch list items were identified, requiring that the contractor address prior to project completion. During this time, the pavilion will be closed to all patrons. 

Dog Park

On Wednesday, the large Dog Park was closed to allow staff to regrade and backfill some of the low areas in this section of the park. Public Works staff have been working with staff at The Landings Club to repurpose some of their sand to fill in the low areas in the large section of the Dog Park. Staff estimated that we could use approximately nine loads of sand to make the necessary repairs to the play surface; however, after the nine loads were delivered and raked in, staff determined that additional loads are required. TLA and TLC staff will continue to work together next week to bring additional loads into the park to successfully complete this improvement project. The park will remain open until a date has been established for this additional work to be completed.

BrightView Contract Sod Replacement

This week, Brightview installed replacement sod at the following TLA Amenities: Main Gate, Deer Creek Auto Gate, and Landings Harbor. The replacement sod is included within our annual BrightView landscape contract at no additional cost to the Association.  

Audubon International Sustainable Communities Program Recertification

This week, staff submitted the recertification paperwork for the Audubon International Sustainable Communities Program. The recertification paperwork submitted showcases the amazing programs, policies and projects that is conducted at The Landings, while helping us track progress on ongoing projects. The recertification captures projects completed by The Landings Association, The Landings Club, Skidaway Audubon, Neighbors Helping Neighbors, ARC, and many more.

2021 Community Path Project

This week, Absolute Concrete completed the conversion of the path (from asphalt to concrete) from Tidewater Way to Tidewater Way along the Rookery Lagoon. 

2021 Road Repair and Replacement Project

In preparation for this year’s road project, Absolute Concrete repaired curbing on Mercer Road this week.

Beginning May 3, Bennett Paving will begin paving Delegal Road. The paving will be broken into two phases. The first phase will include the milling and paving of the section from the Delegal Circle up to Spartina Lane. During this time, only residents, emergency personnel and mail delivery trucks will have access to the roadway.

The milling of this section of road is anticipated to take 7-10 days. During the milling process, access will be permitted; however, slight delays may occur. Please note that the asphalt will be poured across both lanes of Delegal Road (not one lane and then another as done in previous road projects) so again, please plan accordingly for limited access during the paving process.

Once Bennett Paving starts to pave the roadway, access may be limited and there will be a short period of time where driving on the newly paved road will be restricted while the asphalt cools. Communications will be sent via email and Swift 911.

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