2021 Road Replacement Project Starts Monday, May 3

Courtesy of Landings Public Works

Bennett Paving will begin the 2021 Road Repair and Replacement Project on Monday (May 3), beginning with the resurfacing of Delegal Road.

The paving of Delegal Road will be broken into two phases. The first phase will include the milling and paving of the section from the Delegal Circle to Spartina Lane. During this time, only residents who live in this area, emergency personnel, and mail delivery trucks will have access to the roadway.

The milling of this section of road is anticipated to take seven-to-10 days. During the milling process, access will be permitted; however, delays will occur. Once Bennett Paving starts to pave the roadway, access will be limited. There will be a time when drivability on the newly paved asphalt will not be permitted to allow adequate time to cure. Please note that the asphalt will be poured across both lanes of Delegal Road (not one lane and then another as done in previous road projects). Please plan accordingly for minimal access during the paving process.

You can use the following detours during this project:

  • Sweetgum Crossing and Rookery Road will be closed at Delegal Road. Access will be permitted through Rookery Road for detour purposes only.
  • Seawatch Drive will use Rookery Road to Landings Way South
  • Southpoint Cross will use Rookery Road to Landings Way South
  • Crosstide Lane will use Delegal Road to Southpoint Cross to Rookery Road to Landings Way South
  • Marsh Haven Lane, Adams Point Road, and Salt Meadow Court will use Delegal Road to South Point Cross to Rookery Road to Landings Way South
  • Spartina Lane will use Delegal Road and Landings Way South (take a left out of Spartina onto Delegal – away from the work being conducted in Phase 1 of the paving project).

During the asphalt paving process of this project, landscapers, contractors, trash services, guests, etc., will not be permitted access until the newly laid asphalt has cured. Additionally, access for residents will be limited. Please make the necessary arrangements and expect delays. If you are a resident who lives on Delegal Road or a side street off Delegal Road, we encourage you to sign up for Swift911, as this is the platform that primarily will be used throughout the paving project. To learn more about Swift911, including instructions to sign up, please click here

Thank you in advance for your support and patience as we continue improving the community's infrastructure. Should you have any questions, please contact the Public Works Department (pwmanagers@landings.org or 912-598-5509).

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