General Manager's Update 4-29-2021

By Shari Haldeman -
General Manager/COO

Dear Landings Association Members,

It has been gratifying to see the extensive use of the new playground at Landings Community Park (600 Landings Way South). Children of all ages have experienced the new features and equipment, including the extremely popular zipline. Basketball activity has increased on the newly resurfaced court and two new hoops. We see parents taking shade in the new pavilion, even bringing laptops to do remote work using the free Wi-Fi the Association provides. The irrigation system is being replaced, the sod repaired, and the softball infield restored. Still to come are the rubberized walking/jogging perimeter track, as well as increased netting and safety aspects. If you haven’t already, come view (and USE!) this newest community amenity.

The Landings Community Park project would not have been possible without the research and hard work of our volunteer Athletic Complex Committee. Now we need our residents’ help on another project – renovating and invigorating the Landings Harbor waterfront. Funds are budgeted for the replacement of the dry boat storage racks this coming winter. However, there are many possibilities to create a better community amenity at the Harbor for both boaters and non boaters alike. A charter for a resident volunteer Project Team was approved by the Board at the April 27th meeting, and recruitment now begins! If you are interested in volunteering for this assignment, please review the Project Team charter and submit an application by clicking here

Another community asset many people don’t often consider, unless something is wrong, is our 91 miles of roads. Each year, we spend around $1 million to resurface older sections of our roads. While unit costs increased this year and are expected to remain for the foreseeable future due to increases in petroleum costs, we were able to lock in the same unit pricing as last year through our competitive bidding process. The Board approved a contract for the 2021 program, which expanded the scope of this year’s work more than originally planned in order to leverage this unit price and achieve more results than is likely next year. Streets scheduled for resurfacing include Delegal Road, Landings Way South from Huntingwood Retreat to the Palmetto Club entrance, Mercer Road, and Landings Way North from Tidewater Way to Bartram Road (and up to the first entrance of Wickersham Drive). You can read more in the Budget Box. Please refer to the Quarterly Financial Report to see a snapshot of where your Association finances stand three months into the year.

We want to keep our residents updated on items like the above, and we have email addresses for 97% of our owners. However, it became apparent during recent emails reminding owners that their Annual Dues (Assessments) were due, that our Landings Association emails sometimes end up in junk or spam folders. Please take a few minutes to visit to learn how to add as an approved sender, according to your email provider.

Speaking of the Assessment, please note that the Governance Committee recently approved some ministerial edits to the Assessment Collections Policy that can be reviewed here. Recommended changes to policy that impact owners are posted for 30 days before Board action so that property owners have an opportunity to review the revisions. This will be acted on by the Board of Directors at its May 2021 meeting, following the 30-day posting period for community feedback.

Finally, the Savannah Bananas report strong ticket sales for the two Landings Nights, scheduled for June 19 and July 24. Tickets are scarce for this popular attraction this summer, so this is one of your best chances to attend a game or two. Please click here for details on how to purchase tickets.


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