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2021 Athletic Field Project Update

The irrigation replacement at the athletic fields is underway.  As a reminder, the field is closed until May 1.

Staff held a phone conference with Playground Creations and Rubber Designs to better understand Rubber Designs’ product, timeline for installation and past projects.  Once staff receives a list of locations where this product has been installed, staff will conduct site visits to evaluate the product and determine how best to proceed. The previous vendor that staff intended to use for the installation of the path, Vitripave, has been non-responsive to our requests so staff is meeting with additional vendors to evaluate alternatives for this project element. Staff will continue to keep the Board and community apprised of our progress. 

2021 Bridge Re-decking Project

Last week, Expert Marine Construction began re-decking the bridge that serves as a connector bridge for the residents between Paisley Court and Raindance Court. This community path bridge was re-decked in 2007 and has shown significant signs of deterioration over the last year.

After Expert Marine removed the deck boards from the bridge last week, they discovered that the 72 stringers also required replacement as they are splitting and/or broken off in several areas. Expert Marine submitted a change order in the amount of $7,179.60 which will be funded through the project contingency and reserve funds. Expert Marine completed the re-decking of the bridge on Monday.

Street Signage Vandalism Continues

Additional vandalism to signage and mailboxes occurred throughout the community over the weekend to include removal from posts, removal from their location and/or overall damage which required full replacements. Over the past several weeks, crews have had to repair and/or replace damaged mailboxes and signage throughout the community due to the continued vandalism that has occurred. The following signs were vandalized this week: Goose Quill Lane, Strawberry Lane, Hemingway Circle, Hazel Glen Lane, Springfield Cross, Springfield Place, Marburg Lane, Tidewater Way, Bartram Road, Galphin Lane, Shaftsbury Lane, Hibernia Road, Bloomsbury Place, Modena Road, Brandenberry Road, Cotesworth Place, and Candle Wick Lane. Staff will continue to make the necessary repairs and replacements to the damaged signage/mailboxes and install them thereafter.         

2021 Storm Drain Project

Southeast Pipe continued to repair the storm drain pipes along Landings Way North near Romerly Road this week utilizing a cured in place piping (CIPP) lining technology to line the pipes with a fiber glass material that has a guaranteed lifespan of 40 years. Barring any weather setbacks, the project is anticipated to be completed by the end of April. 

2021 Community Path Project

Absolute Concrete completed the conversion of the path from Brandenberry Road along Tidewater Way to Shady Oak Lane. The contractor will continue the conversion of asphalt to concrete towards Little Comfort Road

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