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Savannah Utility Coordinating Committee (SUCC) Meeting   

On Thursday, Sean Burgess, Bill Campbell, and Amber Capps met with Rick Routh, Liaison Manager with Georgia 811 to discuss some of the issues we have had with utility locates. Staff plan to build relationships with additional utility contacts to assist with exposed cable lines, excavation holes, etc. throughout the community. Sean and Bill also attended the Savannah Utility Coordinating Committee (SUCC) Meeting in Pooler to discuss current issues, trends, and upcoming seminars/educational tools.  Attendees included utility companies, municipalities, and contractors.

2021 Athletic Field Project Update

BrightView Landscapes began the replacement of the irrigation system at the Athletic Field this week. Barring any setbacks, they will complete this work, along with replacement of some of the sod in some areas throughout the field, by the end of the month. 

2021 Bridge Re-decking Project

On Wednesday, Expert Marine Construction began re-decking the bridge that serves as a connector bridge for the residents between Paisley Court and Raindance Court.This community path bridge was re-decked in 2007 and has shown significant signs of deterioration over the last year.

After Expert Marine removed the deck boards from the bridge on Wednesday, they discovered that the 72 stringers also required replacement as they are spillting and/or are broken off in several areas. Expert Marine submitted a change order in the amount of $7,200 which will be absorbed through the project contingency and opertaional funds. 

During this project, all residents need to use the adjacent bridge between Tanaquay Court and Pine Shadow Court. Barring any delays, the bridge is anticipated to be completed by Monday, April 19.















Kids Fishing Lagoon

In-house staff began the annual maintenance around the Kids Fishing lagoon this week.The maintenance includes pressure washing and sealing the benches and tables around the facility and addressing any additional repairs as needed. This work will be completed by next week.  

Center Island and TLA Amenity Pine Straw Application

The annual pine straw application of the primary and secondary center islands and amenity areas began this week at the gatehouses. This application is completed annually and is funded operationally.

2021 Community Path Project

Absolute Concrete is working on the conversion (from asphalt to concrete) of the community path along Tidewater Way this week. The contractor will continue to work at this location over the next two weeks until completion of this section of path.

2021 Storm Drain Project
Southeast Pipe began the 2021 storm drain repairs along Landings Way North at Romerly Road this week.The contractor will utilize a cured in place piping (CIPP) lining technology to line the pipes with a fiber glass material that has a guaranteed lifespan of 40 years. The utilization of the CIPP technology allows for a less intrusive impact on the property owners in and around the repair areas along with a significant reduction in restoration costs and time. This project was approved by the Public Works Committee, Finance Committee and Board in March and will be funded through Capital Reserves. 

TLA Administration Building Roof Repair

During an inspection of TLA Administration Building at the end of March, staff observed a stain on the ceiling in the back hallway. After further review, staff concluded that the roof was leaking and scheduled Michaels Roofing to complete the necessary repairs on Thursday. 

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