Letter to Editor 

Dear Editor, 

At approximately 4:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 27, my wife, Beth, and I were riding bicycles north on the multi-use path that runs from Landings way North (just below Wiley Bottom) to Marshwood Club. I was in front when it seemed an oncoming golf cart wasn’t going to move over to pass, so we rode onto the grass. After passing the cart, I headed back onto the path but lost traction at its slightly elevated edge and fell onto the concrete. Nothing seemed broken, but my bare elbow took a hard blow and was badly scraped. I started holding it, trying to subdue the bleeding. 

Chris and Ann Britton came along on their golf cart and circled back to help. When I didn’t think it necessary to call First Responders or 911, Chris immediately started knocking at Henry Clay Court’s back doors while Ann stayed with us. Very quickly, Chris was back with Mark and Susan Tauster bringing a bath towel and paper towels. All were asking what they could do to help, and Beth and I thought the best thing was to go home before deciding whether to go to an Immediate Med facility. Despite my possibly bleeding on Chris and Ann’s golf cart, they insisted on taking us home, and Mark and Susan took care of our bicycles. 

Immediate Med clinics had closed or were about to, so instead of going to a hospital Emergency Room, we decided to go to the walk-in clinic at my doctor’s office on Sunday. The elbow wasn’t broken or chipped, but they gave me a tetanus booster shot and prescribed an antibiotic. Thankfully, no skin graft was recommended, and the skin should heal in about 30 days. Hopefully, the swelling and soreness of the elbow and other things won’t be lasting or permanent. 

Beth and I ride a good bit. Most golf cart drivers arc considerate, but others need to seriously consider that when maneuvering around each other, bicyclists are at greater risk, and there can be serious consequences for both parties. 

Again, we express sincere appreciation to Chris, Ann, Mark, and Susan. And, it’s very reassuring to know that First Responders would have been there if needed. 

Les Carter 
7 Amberly Court 

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