First Osprey Chick of 2021 Hatched April 14

Courtesy of Skidaway Audubon 

The Osprey family grew by one beak on Wednesday (April 14). When will the remaining eggs hatch? Don’t miss a moment of the live-action; visit! There are three camera feeds offering different views of the nest.

If you want to see the cameras on your large-screen Smart TV, you can see them live on YouTube. Just search for our partner, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology – use the search words “Cornell Savannah Osprey”, and you will see three streams labeled “Live” – click any one of those to see the cameras in real-time.

Since 2014, Skidaway Audubon has been streaming live video 24/7 from an Eagle’s nest 80 feet up in a pine tree close to the eastern marsh. During that time, the nest has been occupied by great horned owls and ospreys. Each season, at least two owls or ospreys have fledged from the nest.

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