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2021 Athletic Field Project Update

BrightView Landscapes is scheduled to replace the irrigation at the Athletic Field beginning April 14 through April 21.  Thereafter, they will replace some of the sod in the in-field and several other areas throughout the field. 

Staff are still awaiting a timeline for the installation of the new perimeter walking path and will update the community as soon as a timeline has been established.

Marshview Landing Road Work

Beginning Friday, April 9, the entry and exit lanes inside the Marshview Landing Gate are scheduled to be milled and repaved (weather permitting).  The lanes will not be closed completely; however, during the milling and paving process, entry will be permitted to residents, emergency and U.S. mail delivery vehicles only. Barring any weather delays, we anticipate the completion of this project by the end of day on Friday, April 9.  Communications have been sent via Swift911 to all property owners within this area of the community.  A communication was also placed in each Marshview Landing property owner’s mail tube. 

Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) Fish Stocking

On Thursday, the Skidaway Island Chapter of CCA stocked 14 lagoons with over 15,000 bluegill and shad. Fish stocking is one of the annual programs that CCA volunteers participate in and fund which occurs in either the spring or early summer when water temperatures are cooler and fewer predators such as otters and cormorants frequent the lagoons. The number of fish, type of fish, and the lagoons to stock them is determined by data gathered during the Juvenile Seining and Electrofishing processes conducted annually.  We so appreciate the continued support and funding from our CCA Volunteers for this program!

2021 Community Path Project

This week, Absolute Concrete worked on the demolition and community path replacement on the section of path from Pennystone Retreat to Crazy Possum Lane. Barring any weather delays, it will be completed by Friday.  

Delegal Marina Sunset Pavilion

In preparation for the reopening of the Sunset Room later this month, in-house staff is working on maintenance in and around the facility to include a deep cleaning of the facility, paint touch-ups, light checks, and other miscellaneous repairs and improvements as needed.  This work is anticipated to be completed by April 13. 

Vandalized Street Signs

On Tuesday, staff received multiple calls from residents and security staff with reports of damaged street signs and/or street signs being removed/relocated to other areas of the community (mostly swapping street signs out with other street signs to cause confusion).  The following street signs were vandalized in the community: Sailmaker Lane, Mainsail Crossing, Bluff Oak Retreat, Sorghum Lane, Flying Jib Lane, Greensbourne Lane, Larkspur Lane, Boars Nest Lane, Anderson Court, and Bellemeade Court. Staff addressed each call and subsequently re-installed each sign back to their correct location.

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