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2021 Athletic Field Project Update

The playground, basketball court, and pavilion reopened last week and have been filled with kids and adults all week!

On Friday, staff have a conference call scheduled with Playground Creations and Vitripave (perimeter walking path vendor) to discuss timing and installation of the new walking path. Once a timeline for the path has been established, staff will inform the community.

In the interim, the athletic field and baseball diamond were closed beginning Thursday, April 1 to allow BrightView and their subcontractors time to replace the irrigation system on the field and complete the baseball diamond clay refurbishment.











2021 Community Path Project

This week, Absolute Concrete worked on the demolition and community path replacement on the section pf path along Brandenberry Road and Tidewater Way. The contractor will progress to the demolition and replacement of path along Pennystone Retreat next week.

In-house Road Repairs

This week, in-house staff repaired potholes located on Clemsford Lane, Prestbury Lane, Sweet William Retreat, Saltwater Way, and Landings Way South.

Delegal Marina Fixed Pier Maintenance

As part of our monthly maintenance program, in-house staff completed several repairs and replacements of boards on the fixed pier. These maintenance items included reattaching loose boards and/or replacing worn or damaged boards. Crews are also working on a design for the tops of the bollards of the railing system to help extend the useful life of the bollards.

Reflective/ Non-Reflective Signage Program

In-house staff completed the annual inspection, repair, and/or replacement of damaged reflective signage (STOP signs, speed limit signs, yield signs, et al) throughout the community this week. The purpose of this program is to keep all signage visible at night, well-maintained, and to provide uniformity.

Main Access Control Facility Generator Maintenance

Calvin Riggins, the new Public Works Fleet Coordinator, completed the A/B scheduled maintenance for the generator at the Main Access Control Facility this week. This scheduled maintenance is required for a generator that is two years old or has more than 250 hours of run time. The service included checking fuel lines and hoses, flushing the coolant, checking the radiator for clogging, completing of an oil change, checking a battery, evaluating the drive belt tension, replacing the air filter and spark plugs, and replacing the timing belt on the engine. The generator at the Main Gate is an integral part of the facility, as it serves as the sole power source during any type of power outage we may encounter.

Palm and Tree Pruning at TLA Facilities

This week, in-house staff began pruning the trees and palms at Delegal Marina. Staff have additional work to be completed at Landings Harbor Marina; however, the ground is too saturated for equipment access. Once the turf around Landings Harbor is dry, staff will return to complete all tree and palm pruning. As a reminder, this program is completed internally at all TLA-owned facilities.

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