On the Security Scene

Courtesy of Landings Security

Single Cart Crash

On March 28, TLA Security and Chatham Emergency Services responded to a single golf cart crash near Islander’s Retreat and Oak Glade Court. The cause of the crash was unknown, and the driver was treated and transported to a local hospital for further evaluation.

Bicycle vs. Trolley

On March 26, TLA Security and Chatham Emergency Services responded to McWhorter Drive for a traffic incident. A bystander stated the trolley came to a stop, and the cyclist did not stop and ran into the back of the trolley. The cyclist was transported to a local hospital for treatment and further evaluation.

Animal Bite

On March 26, TLA Security and Chatham County Police Department responded to an incident which resulted in a dog biting a resident. Both parties involved were interviewed, and the offending dog’s owner did not have control of the leash at the time of the incident. The case was turned over to CCPD and Chatham Animal Services.

Unaccompanied Fishing

TLA Security issued two warnings for unaccompanied fishing in lagoons and one fine for unauthorized fishing in the Landings Harbor basin. TLA staff are working with local Coastal Conservation Association Volunteers to increase awareness and compliance with the unaccompanied fishing rule as well as looking at options and possible future programs to preserve fishing in our lagoons.

Community Path Incidents

A cyclist on the community path behind Wiley Bottom exited the community path as a golf cart was approaching him. Upon attempting to return onto the path, his front tire caught the lip of the concrete and caused him to fall. Medical attention was later received, and no major injuries were sustained. Public Works personnel were dispatched to inspect the area and remediate any potential safety issues.

On March 28, TLA Security was notified of an interaction between a cyclist and a golf cart driver on the community path. According to the cyclist, the cart driver did not appear to be slowing down or yielding as the golf cart approached him. As he stopped his bicycle, a verbal interaction ensued between him and the cart driver. The cart number was identified and the parent of the young lady, who has a driver’s license, driving the cart was advised of the incident.

Ding-Dong Ditch

On March 31, TLA Security responded to a few Ding Dong Ditch calls on Monastery Road and Pettigrew Drive. Ding Dong Ditch is when a person, reasonably assumed to be juveniles, rings the doorbell or knocks on a resident’s door and then runs away before the resident can answer the door.


On March 31, TLA Security and Chatham Emergency Services responded to an open fire call on Tondee Lane. An unattended barrel fire was discovered and extinguished with a garden hose.

Noise Complaint

On March 31, TLA Security received a call from a resident regarding The Landings Club mowing the greens at 6:30 a.m. Club management was notified of the complaint.

Synergy – Increasing Safety, Awareness, and Compliance

Landings Club staff, Landings Association staff, CCPD, and several avid cyclists are working together to increase cycling and other outdoor related activities within The Landings.

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